You've Got The Favor Of God! Prayer of Prosperity and Abundance

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Let’s look at this simple prayer to earn money and start filling those pockets. Many people complain about not having a job and not earning enough to “survive.” However, there are a lot of people who have a good income from their work, business or retirement, but they always complain that the money they need is slow to arrive or that the bank account does not grow.

In the previous cases, even though they are two different groups, I see a common point between them. As much as they run after money, they have a big mental block with wealth and abundance, and therefore they are always in financial trouble.

Our prosperity is closely linked to our mindset. Anyone who thinks they are rich ends up being rich, and who likes money and wealth will attract money and wealth.

People have wrong concepts or mental patterns about prosperity, wealth, and the use of money. These negative patterns only keep opportunities away. But after all, what are these standards? Take a look below for some ideas that undermine prosperity:

Every time I have said this prayer for quick money, in a short time I have had positive responses to my request, such as a new job, another business possibility or more clients. Therefore, I have always had good results.

Keep in mind that with these types of recited requests, and that you address saints and deities, they will not make you rich overnight. Have faith in what you ask, do it with the greatest seriousness and confidence possible, so that the universal energies are directed to you and help you in what you want.

The next money sentence should be made very concentrated and focused on what you want to ask for. Of course, your faith must be above anything and much more in this type of prayer. So let’s get started.

What will you achieve with this prayer?
You will ensure that you do not lack money to meet the basic needs that you and your family need. You will also be smart when spending your income.

How long do these requests take?
If you are a person of unshakable faith, true and always firm at all times, rest assured that in the next few weeks you will receive a raise, or they can offer you a better job with notable economic improvements. Faith will be the trigger for the effectiveness of all your requests.

With this prayer you will get calm in the economy of your home to arrive as soon as possible. You must have faith and be wise when you have the financial peace that you have asked for so much in your hands.

Many people have already tried many prayers without success. So today I want to share with you the one that does work. It doesn’t matter where you live or how old you are. With this prayer to have quick money your financial problems will begin to disappear in a few days.


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  1. Amen. Thank you Lord Jesus for protecting our family from all evils. Lord what ever we had lost all these, in Jesus name, we should get back double . Lord I pray for all the sick and old people, protect them in a special way lord. Lord we dust without yr blessings .I have a father who will never put us to shame.

  2. Amen I give God all of the glory and praise the God of Abraham Isaac and Jacob is his name. God I thank you for all the blessings that he have given me the blessings you giving me and the blessings you going to give me for only God has all power and all authority over everything for everything was created by him for him and for his purpose. I'm binding every principality every ruler of darkness every spiritual wickedness in high places that's coming up against me my life and my physical body my eyes, finances my family my children in Jesus blessed holy Divine name. For it's nothing but the blood of Jesus there's power in the name of Jesus to break every chain whether it be principalities rule of darkness spiritual wickedness in high places. And I thank God Almighty for delivering me all my family and those that shall be saved. In Jesus mighty name amen.


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