What makes you say what you say the way you say it? What makes you think the way you do is your mindset and your mindset is what makes you the person you are. Your mindset controls your dressing, speech, controls everything about you. The quality of your personality is the expression of your mindset. There are certain things that make you angry, why? Your mindset. These things may not make somebody else angry.


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  1. How ironical that Chris is talking about Christians being destroyed by lack of knowledge yet he is one the people misleading Christians by misinterpreting and adding onto scriptures. Chris is mocking you the believer for not even able to identify he is a charlatan. Please review the below and judge for yourselves.

    Chris Oyakhilome is are a false prophet and you have no supernatural powers from God Almighty to include faith healing. Your teaching includes the doctrines of demons such as your claim Our Lord Jesus Christ couldn't heal some people alluding that his powers were limited when it came to healings. Our Lord Jesus Christ could heal anyone he wanted to including demon possesed persons who were not even believers. Chris is making up stuff and adding onto scriptures in plain sight live on YouTube summons and people perceive his additions as new Revealation by Chris Oyakhilome. How sad.

    Another rather obvious evidence that Chris is a charlatan is the fact his best friends are known charlatans starting with Uebert Angel who purports to possess supernatural powers to include creating miracle monies and had the audacity to have it posted on YouTube. The miracle monies was obviously a fake staged miracle and chris and his staff know it. The question you should ask yourselves is why is Chris Oyakhilome not calling out his friend Eurbert Angel as a fraudster? They are all practicing the same fraudulent miracles on believers.

    This also means much as I believe in speaking in tongues Chris tongues is mere jibberish mumbo jumbo fake tongues meant to mislead believers that he is Spirit filled and endowed with supernatural powers. Nothing can be further from the truth. Most of these charlatans speak in tongues as proof they are Spirit filled they belive in 4heir warped mindset that they cannot have supernatural powers without showing occasionally their prowess in speaking in tongues.

    My advice to Chris is to quit misleading believers otherwise you can be assured eternal punishment in the lake of fire 🔥 awaits you unless you REPENT. God is not mocked.

    Fellow believers please use your common senses don't just believe people who claim to be God sent, test everything. Even if they purport to do miracles it doesn’t mean they are messengers of God Almighty. Nevertheless miracles by Chris are staged watch Youtube expose at South African healing school by Chris brother who ran the scam. In addition Chris himself this year showed a partially healed burn wound as a miracle at one of his online healings. I mean I was astonished, you can't get better evidence than this, God can never be defeated to completely heal skin back to normal. I my myself saw with my own eyes live on YouTube healing school he exposed himself as a fraudster. Chris asked a lady whom he called his director is she had videos and the lady showed several clips by the partially healed burn wound stood out. The director said this person had healed in three days and yes the skin wasn't back to normal. How stupid does Chris and his staff think people are? Chris is doing live healing school service and this person started healing miraculously fast three days earlier? In addition why was the healing not complete? Is Chris implying God Almighty couldn't complete the healing or he has decides to leave the skin as is without going back to it's natural complection? When we are called to be believers it does not mean you dare not question things that don't make sense? This was proof that his team is not innocent some know the truth Chris healing school is a scam and they staff are equally perpetrators of these scam. Of all scams in the world that someone can choose to engage in it is amazing that these people chose to scam the church and misuse God's Holy name. I cannot understand their logic unless they have convinced themselves God doesn't exist?

    Open your eyes we are in the last do you expect the false prophets mentioned in the bible to look like? Chris and his friend Uebert Angel are classic examples. Run from these charlatans.

    Open your eyes fellow believers. Test everything as we are instructed in the bible. Don't just accept people claiming they are sent by God Almighty and are endowed with supernatural powers to use at Chris healing school scam. God is not mocked misusing God's name and misleading gullible believers is the biggest mistake Chris had ever made in his life.  God's wrath awaits him and his staff who are conspirators in his scams.  The bible clearly states FEAR HIM WHO CAN DESTROY YOUR BODY AND SOUL.

    Matthew 10:28

    28 And fear not them that kill the body, but are not able to kill the soul; but rather fear Him that is able to destroy both soul and body in hell.

    Finally, why am I saying all these? It is my prayer and hope that just even one person eyes are opened to see who these popular preachers really are and going forward they should exercise extreme caution with all other preachers purporting to possess supernatural powers. Additionally these preachers also claim to have new enlightenment from God abd are adding onto scriptures. For example this same Chris had the audacity to call out Paul the Apostle as not understanding scriptures because Paul said he shouldn't be worshiped for it wasn't he that was doing the miracles. Chris says Paul was wrong because Paul was a god just like Chris abd everyone else. The question is if you will belive Chris abd not Apostle Paul who was commissioned by Our Lord Jesus Christ who talked to Paul directly. Has Our Lord Jesus Christ ever spoken to Chris Oyakhilome? There you have your answer on who to believe. Once again distance yourselves from these charlatans. May God Almighty bless you and protect you.


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