You Remain The Same – Dunsin Oyekan


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  1. It's been on repeat for 3 days now! Literally bringing me into God's presence. Thank you so much Minister Dunsin. God is changing lives through you. Please keep going even when the enemy fights or discourages you. Thank you sir. From Zimbabwe 🇿🇼.

  2. Ohh yes you will never ever change You are the Lord and you remain the same.This song started singing in my spirit yesterday and had to search for it and am still listening to it.There is something unique in it and it's a very powerful song.May the God bless minister Dunsin and remain the same in His ministry. 🇰🇪🙏

  3. he is the same yesterday, today and forever , people change but he remains the same, i will never leave this God. thank you Minister . i am in my office working and i can feel the presence of God ,this song is something else .

  4. It is a revival decade where we worship in Spirit and in Truth, that time has come and I have seen that we are going back to the early church worship, this song touched me. Indeed He will never change for He never changes but will remain the same. Glory Glory unto God


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