You Are Good – Sun Ho @ City Harvest Church

Song sang during service at City Harvest Church


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  1. Everyone of us needs your forgiveness, Lord Jesus, many times over. Glory To God!! However, no, it's no excuse to sin and keep on sinning. We must all take a stand against sin, remember the Cross! Die to Self with its passions and lusts. We must all pass through the narrow way! Amen! All by Faith in Christ Jesus!!

  2. You are good, Lord. Your mercy is forever. God bless me through this song and this worship leader. No matter what people talking about. As well as I've been blessed when I read Psalms, Proverbs. The writer of those books were not perfect anyway.

  3. The news helps, Sun Ho can sell $60 tickets to Singaporeans and get 1 million to watch her show skin and sing China Wine. Great opportunity to raise $60 million and pay off church debt. She can then do crossover and tell them  to repent and not be like the 6 going to jail. Then tell them to tithe to you and get more money. Great marketing plan. GOOD SHOW SUN HO. IF NO, Sun Ho why not resign from leadership and singing on stage?  IT is hard to explain you to friends. Glad I am not the only one to make mistakes. Love you.

  4. This is why i don't trust churches. They not only bring bad reputation to a religion, but also harm others financially, emotionally and mentally. Trust that there is God, you dont need all these singers and bands to boost your faith. When you are down, keep the faith, but through these gatherings who just wanna suck up your hard earned money and waste your precious time while you can be with God and your love ones.

  5. Send us your Rain Lord, fill our Lives with your Love and your Grace and let the Rivers of Revival flow through all of our lands so that we may live in peace as one people, a Holy Nation. I pray for my own land of Canada, we need you Lord and I pray for Singapore. Lord, we know nothing is imposable.


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