Worship Circle Hymns | Live from REST 2019

Worship Circle Hymns – Recorded live from REST 2019 in Cleveland, GA

You are loved. You are not alone.

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Shot and produced by Custom Media Solutions in Atlanta, GA

The Worship Circle Hymns album was recorded live during the Night of Worship at our annual REST Retreat, the culminating event of our Coaching Program. The leaders you see in the videos have been growing together in small group community for six to 12 months, and came together for the retreat to meet their mentors and groups for the first time in person. What started as a simple retreat became a place where freedom was experienced, where lives were forever changed, and where life-long friendships sparked. You’ve seen the stories. You’ve heard the songs. Now, experience the night.

To apply for the Worship Circle Coaching Program, go to https://www.worshipcircle.com/program and fill out the application. Your application isn’t a commitment. It’s simply an introduction so you can be seen, be known, and be prayed for by the Worship Circle family from all over the world.


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    Thank You Worship Circle Hymns, these hymns 💞🙆‍♀️🎵🎶🙆‍♀️💞 lift me up.
    All For GOD'S GLORY & HONOR ♥️🕊✝️♥️!
    May GOD Bless 🙌 Each & Everyone One Of You 🥰!!!

  2. I grew up with very traditional hymns like this in a very dead church, and then went to a more spiritually alive church that only played very modern music. I've had the joy now as a worship leader to get to spiritually connect deeply to truths in these old hymns as well as music written across the century. I find this worship really anointed and not forced.

  3. Why can’t we get back to this! I long for this. It’s the perfect mix of traditional beloved hymns, but with a little more modern sound.
    We are so tired of the modern worship songs that go on and on and on

  4. Fuck Holy God and Gods mom to death!!!!! Fuck Jesus son of bitch evil Ghost!!! Fuck Allah devil spirit!!! Especially fuck God who is my Satan son himself!!!!

  5. I am persuaded that neither death nor life , neither angels , nor principalities of deceit, nor worldly powers , neither things present , nor things to come , neither height , nor depth , nor any other created thing , shall be able to separate me from the love of God , which is in Jesus Christ . ! I have to be , so others see , this is the sign that we are all looking for , but it must be a sign you feel in your spirit !

  6. I've missed out 40 years of journey exposed to Pentecostalism. Such rich traditional Protestant hymns still today add such vital value of comfort, strength, and hope, during funeral services of loved ones. Such sound Biblical truths and theology in such awesome musical arrangement. God bless you all for being such a blessing.

  7. Woooow this is Angelic… it’s Meister work. How did they organise this? If you listened with headphones it’s like you’re in middle of the room. Such beautiful voices 😍 how am I only now discovering this?


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