WISDOM For World Leaders!!! | Prophet TB Joshua

The prophetic counsel of Prophet TB Joshua to world leaders bears even more weight today given the current tensions and conflicts engulfing the world – especially in the nations of Russia and Ukraine…

‘The Legacy Lives On’ is a program on God’s Heart TV with Brother Chris dedicated to sharing words of wisdom and lessons of life from God’s servant, Prophet TB Joshua.

00:00 – Short statement from Prophet TB Joshua on his prophetic insight into world events
00:10 – Introduction to ‘The Legacy Lives On’
00:54 – Prophet TB Joshua counsel to world leaders on dangers of war
04:21 – Prophet TB Joshua on the importance of seeking God’s opinion before engaging in conflict
07:24 – Prophet TB Joshua gives example about the world being like a physical human body
10:05 – Prayer for the nation of Ukraine with Brother Chris
12:44 – Prayer for the nations with Prophet TB Joshua
15:40 – Love is the weapon satan hates and fears most
19:36 – Preview of latest Interactive Prayer Service at God’s Heart TV Studio

➡️ Original Footage Source – Emmanuel TV
➡️ Original Footage Links:
– https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x5C7R1dzgBU
– https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OEE50Xa2EZY
– https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BChLlBV7HkE


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  1. Hi
    You are my prophet three years ago in Leeds you came to me and you gave us a word of prophesy.
    This was cancer in my wife and you said we need to pray about it.
    I am a man of God an apostle.
    Later the same year My wife died.
    Up until now my life has never been the same.
    I would like to come and see you I am in Nottingham uk .
    I lost my ministry but i need and request for you to pray for me as I want to start the ministry again.
    The crowd was very big in the stadium but all the way you came down to us in the crowd and with audacity you prophesied.
    I believe you are a prophet there was no way to know what you said except through gift of prophesy.
    We prepared offering to gift but you surprised us by an instruction to go and give the offering to our neighbours.
    Never had I seen this before. Indeed I have preached the whole world but what you did and said that day blow my mind.
    I want to thank you for your faithfulness and genuine faith in our Lord Jesus Christ.
    I met senior prophet Tb Joshua before but God has answered our prayers in Uk by sending you to be the voice of senior prophet Tb Joshua in the Uk.
    As I remember the question kept coming to me why he tb Joshua didn’t come to uk but sent you.
    He was preparing you for such a time like this people like me will come to drink from the pool of the waters of life.
    I was just praying with my bible and the book which tb Joshua gave me in person some years ago the mirror.
    I kindly ask to come to your studio in wales if possible.
    I preached in usa,South Africa, Zimbabwe, Ghana, Nigeria , switch land, Philippians, uk and had a tv slot in olive tv but the death of my wife left me unbalanced until now.
    I know once you pray for me I will find my balance again.
    My prophet I love you
    My email is
    My phone is +447306811264
    Thank sir,
    Dr Edson Divine Chibwana
    Uk Nottingham

  2. Thanks brother Chris for giving all the glory to God our Father Jesus Christ and loving people……also for keeping the legacy of our prophet TB Joshua alive ❤️ 🙏

  3. God bless you, Pastor Chris! However, why hasn’t the focus been on praying for the Russians, who suffered terribly under the Ukrainian Nazis, over the last eight years? But it was in the center of Europe. Mercy is in the heart of the Russian people, and therefore natural resources are on their territory. “The meek shall inherit the earth.” Russia has already repented for the revolution and loved God’s mercy, and therefore the Russian peacekeepers spare the civilian population and prisoners of war, sacrificing themselves. Pray also for Russia! May the will of God be blessed!

  4. 1:04 Something is coming, momentum, when it explodes, hummmm🤔.
    What GOD shows me in vision, we have to pray for the whole world. Forget about Nigeria Boko Haram, forget about whatever your country is facing, greater one is coming. It's not even, it will affect the whole world, we have to be careful. There is some weapon deep, somewhere somewhere. If it is tested today, the world would suffer, and if provocation comes, this weapon will be tested.🤔 I was carried to see the weapon somewhere in the spirit and then if this weapon is tested, the world would shake. Provocation can causes it." I am ready to die, before I die, let….." 4:09

    Translation for French
    1:04 Quelque chose est à venir, un élan, quand il explose, hummmm🤔.
    Ce que DIEU m'a montré en vision, nous devons prier pour le monde entier. Oubliez Boko Haram au Nigéria, oubliez ce à quoi votre pays est confronté, un plus grand est à venir. Ce n'est pas pareil, ça va affecter le monde entier, nous devons être prudents. Il y a une arme en profondeur, quelque part. Si elle est testée aujourd'hui, le monde souffrirait, et si la provocation vient, cette arme sera testée.🤔 J'ai été porté à voir l'arme quelque part dans l'esprit et puis si cette arme est testée, le monde entier sera ébranlée. La provocation peut être la cause. "Je suis prêt à mourir, avant de mourir, laissez….." 4:09
    Traduit avec DeepL

    Oh Lord JESUS CHRIST, have mercy on us. Lord we need your favour to brink peace and love between UKRAINE and RUSSIA. Lord please
    Lord, separate the leaders of these countries from any spirit of war, manipulation, provocation, hatred, satanism and inspire in their hearts what you are, ❤️ LOVE 🧡

  5. The way nato is provocating Putin this is what he meant. Now Putin is talking of Chemical weapon meaning they are ready to die rather than losing the war. If we never believed on his prophecies this is the time to believe even more


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