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  1. Sometimes I think it's a lot of other people who have so many battles within .my battles within aren't really much at all. It's pretty simple but can't talk about it here.

  2. The reason some people continue to express themselves in situations is not because they have not grown or they're just being offended by the same thing no and they have the right by the way to stand up for themselves if they are continually being offended no one gave any rights to any Christian brother or sister to continually offend another. Not even for so-called process for ministry which at least for the United States is just a license to abuse another person. If one leader is hell bent on offending and abusing a Christian so-called brother or sister that is the one who is the offender purposely offending not accidental but a purposeful offender who is the same as a criminal on the street and should be punished for it and judged for it. If that same offense is still painful to the brother or sister they should not be blamed because they are a normal human being with feelings. In my book that's not a sign of maturity that you just ignore a repeated offender… people who are constantly repeatedly abusing you. That's not Christian to put up with that, it's insanity.

  3. Pastor Chris I have a question regarding your neutral position when dealing with two different parties with two different viewpoints or opinions or so-called educated guess. I think it's wise of you to stay neutral but I have more questions . Sometimes these people that approach you to do certain things basically are control freaks! Christian position or anointing or rank amongst leaders doesn't seem to matter, they think they are correct in controlling people even their own business partners, Christian partners in ministry. Do you think that is right? Do you believe a Christian man or Christian leader should be his own person his own man make his own decisions or do you believe he should allow himself to be controlled by another leader who is a so-called friend and business partner. ? Some would even call it witchcraft .


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