"Why Comfort Will Ruin Your Life!" – With Ravi Zacharias (MUST WATCH)

“Why Comfort Will Ruin Your Life!” – With Ravi Zacharias (MUST WATCH)
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  1. Ravi Zacharias died an unrepentant sexual predator who vastly harmed too many women for decades, all while making $million$ founding & leading RZIM, now Third Ladder and Lighten Group. Out of compassion for his many victims please delete this video.

  2. Ravi Zacharias' sad and hypocritical life is a reminder to all in ministry. It is possible to be effective and win many, yet in the end, hear the words of our Lord say, "Depart from me, l never knew you. "

  3. Sara, it is now a time to take over and move with God's organization. All other burdens carry them over to God. God will lead you and make a way. We were all disturbed and surprised. Now, in God's grace and our prayers take steps forward in Jesus Christ name Amen

  4. All the tongues can wag and think what they want to think about what they are saying about Ravi, but the devil is behind all of it. Ravi was gifted by God and if you really listen to Ravi you will hear that no man was more sincere. He experienced something out of the ordinary when he was 17 and tried to commit suicide. He doesn't say he just believes in God , he tells you that he knows there is a God and I would tell you the same thing because of what I experience a very long time ago. I guess that is why when I hear Ravi speak he is speaking with true conviction. Listen to the message, that is the important thing. God Speed to all of you

  5. Contradictory verses in the bible:
    Exodus 20:8 vs Romans 14:5
    Exodus 20:12 vs Luke 14:26
    Matthew 19:26 vs Judges 1:19

    False prophecies in the bible:
    Ezekiel 26
    Ezekiel 29
    Joel 3 19
    Isaiah 19
    Isaiah 17

  6. Praying God will give special grace for all the victims have the full freedom to share their abuses happened over a decade both from USA itself and across countries internationally ….

  7. Our HEAVENLY FATHER i pray for all the victims that this man Zacharias has abuse, i pray for there salvation, i pray LORD JESUS to cover them with your love. I pray that you heal them from all the sexual lifestyle that Zacharias did byabuse many young woman's sexually assaulted by his lifestyle .
    LORD JESUS PLEASE help them.
    And judge the one knowingly cover for his abuse like his family's and his worker's i pray in your Precious Name obove all Our LORD JESUS Amen


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