Why 4 Powerful Christians Fell | Mark Driscoll, John MacArthur, Ravi Zacharias, Bill Hybels +

Why did these four powerful Christians—Mark Driscoll, Ravi Zacharias, Bill Hybels, and Douglas Phillips—fall? With John MacArthur.

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  1. Agreed 1000% for Pastor MacArthur’s name to be removed from this screenshot. I do not disapprove of his speaking in favor of these individuals being public as I do as he being grouped in with these people!!!

  2. It’s so VERY EASY to teach God’s Word, IF ONE JUST USED ONLY SCRIPTURE, CHAPTER BY CHAPTER AND VERSE BY VERSE. Return to the Discipline of the 2 Churches God approved of in Revelation of Jesus Christ. Teaching the TRUTH only from the original scrolls & languages written in. Properly divided God’s WORD SPEAKS FOR ITSELF! All these & so many Pastors just try to keep building numbers, they are failures as it’s their job to provide a place of Worship & Bible Teaching, not a SHOW PUT ON TO STIR EMOTIONAL LIES! Quite simply anyone who’s studied Scripture’s know these False Prophets. It’s better to worship alone in truth than attend any “church” not Built Upon The ROCK! There’s no “Christian Santa Claus God” who’s going to be blessing ignorant people who listen to these guys and gals begging for $ to do God’s Work. It’s interesting, God’s disciple’s and his Apostles were instructed to earn their own way, not being beggars for anything. They NEVER collected money as they traveled all over the Country’s spreading The Gospel. BTW (look up ignorant, not derogatory but descriptive- meaning UNLEARNED in a subject, etc”)

  3. Deception, misleading, and clickbait are worldly tactics. You make God look less appealing in your titles. Many comments have asked you to address this deception. You refuse. If I can’t trust the title, how can I trust the message?

  4. It seems to me that the simple way of discrediting someone's work is to accuse them of something like sexual abuse. But in terms of biblical teaching, only the Bible can discredite you, not your personal behavior. Am I saying that the allegations don't matter, absolutely not! These are and will remain serious accusations. But, again in my opinion, his reprehensible behavior cannot discredite his teaching. Now, one should practice what they preach! But how many will never hear the teaching of Ravi because of these accusations? The Gospel must be preached, even by sinners. God help us all!

  5. Where do these power mongers come fm..?? they come fm…a pseudo system of.." clergy.." Paul the Apostle never supported….never endorsed…& never ever ever…sanctioned…i.e.or for that matter neither does the word of God..in English that would be the AV/ KJV…Why???? Nothing,s missing….revised…or omitted….The Apostle Paul,s stern message 2nd only to Justification by faith alone in Christ…alone …is " BEWARE OF MEN…" That message & warning can be found in all His Epistles..to the Ecclesia…which has become " Ecclesia….ya ..later!! Paul,s many warnings to churches is to " Beware of….men…in 1Cor.2:1-16 Paul is constantly contrasting the Wisdom of God vs the wisdom of men & that we should know the difference…i.e " That our…FAITH…should…NOT stand in the wisdom of…men…but in the Power of God…" 1Cor.2:5 & the "Power of God is..what??? See Rom.1:26,17..for HINT…Col.2:8 " BEWARE..less any…MAN..SPOIL YOU..( Corrupt) HOW??? "thru' Philosophhy…( Man,s Education) and VAIN DECEIT…After the Trafitions of Men…" see Mt.15:2-20;16:5-12.." after the Rudiments of the World…AND NOT AFTER CHRIST"… Ck..2Cor.4:1-5 Epj.4:15 Phil.2:3 ; Phil.3:1-11 ; 2Cor.11:3,4;13-15 2Tim.3:1-9 ; just a few of the many warnings to Beware of…Men..oh & 1Cor.1:18-31 just a few major Warnings fm… The Apostle Paul & WHY…Other Warnings…1Jn4:1-6V(3) oops that's Phil3:2…there was no system of " clergy.." in the 2st century churches..that gathered in Houses…Acts2:46 NOT Cathedrals…or Monster Mega " Churches.."Again.." That our FAITH should NOT Stand…IN The….WISDOM of…MEN…But in the POWER of God.." 1Cor.2:5

  6. Very deceptive title and done that way on purpose. Why would you risk damaging your credibility in that way? Remember the warning I first gave you when you started? You have started to chace subscribers. Be warned, It may cost you far more than you wanted to pay.

  7. I wonder, creator of this video, how are you compromising in your own walk? Have you achieved a standard that these men have not ? Have you never fallen ?

  8. Why do you call them "powerful christians"? If they were powerful, they wouldn't have fallen. There is nothing powerful about sin and any man who needs to be protected from the consequences of his actions in order to maintain "power" is not a powerful person at all.

  9. I do not have any use for Beth moore…Moore… saying that I also have no use for Jon MacArthur and how he belittled her publically…making fun and being very arrogant in his attack on her. I will never listen to him ever again. He belittles women and is very arrogant…I do not care how well he knows the word.

  10. I am not sure about the way the late Ravi Zacharias has been treated. The facts are that he has not been tried and he was not there to speak in his own defence, which goes against natural justice/due process.

  11. I went to one of the campuses of Willow Creek growing up. I witnessed his stepping down and the entire elder board changing. Then, a pastor from Michigan named Dave Dummitt took over and his leadership style lead to a lot of the staff members stepping down. Rather than letting each campus do their own thing like how it was back then, they wanted to centralize them, having them mirror whatever South Barrington did.

  12. Syncretism. Mega-churches are an unholy joining of religion and entertainment culture. They provide cover for people to cloak themselves in religion while having true salvation and discipleship as options rather than expectations. Mega church administrations seem content to provide this cover as long as attendance and its attendant revenues continue uninterrupted. Clearly this does harm to the cause of Christ. Our God is a consuming fire. How tragic that through our sinful distortions of His will for His church we present Him to the world as a very well contained lantern to be lit only by our celebrity leaders in keeping with their schedules and speaking engagements.

    Pray for renewal!


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