Who is Jesus? (Inspiration video) Billy Graham

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  1. 7/30/75 Renaissance Center Detroit Jimmy Hoffa killed by Jackie the Kid buried in Concrete foundation during phase 2, tower 300, pillar cornerstone by elevator, 8 feet down, easy to dig out

  2. It's a pity how for 2000yrs, people still preach a Jesus in a fleshy mind.
    They can't coordinate intrinsically with the Christ bcuz they still don't know him. So they preach him as a distant entity. It's a pity.

  3. How amazing that when you
    Listen to this,Holy Spirit lifts you…thank you billy graham for such an amazing message…and most of thanks to you lord Jesus for saving such a mess of a man…I’m saved by grace 🙏😇❤️

  4. he is a jew from the tribe of judah according to the bible he is the son of the most high he die for Israel according to the bible and none else he's a wooly head man and skin as burn in a furnace according to the bible so according to the bible he's a black man

  5. Jesus Christ is a black man we are the chosen ones black people revelation 1 14 15 Daniel 10 6 read my people Israel for ever more black man world white man took it from us through war and slavery amen my god help us through time is short at the door

  6. READ "The Gospel ACCORDING TO John", in chapter 1, verse 4, Quote;

    4. In Him ( GOD ) was LIFE; and the LIFE was the LIGHT of Men. End Quote

    NOTE: It is NOT written; In Him ( GOD ) was Jesus; and Jesus was the LIGHT of Men. Period !

    When Jesus used the word " I ", He was referring to "LIFE The Real Self", "The LIFE of GOD", who is "The LORD GOD" of the old testament writings, LORD of Lords, KING of Kings…

  7. Jesus said, "If u love Me keep my Commandments", so read this; We have to obey God's ten Commandments, and keep the Sabbath Day Holy, not Sunday day but Sabbath Day on Saturday it's on the seventh Day of the week amen amen and amen ❤.  The Sabbath Day for the people of God, so if you not belong to God then you don't need to keep the Sabbath Day Holy, amen)))

  8. Jesus is the main character in the New Testament narrative whose words and actions were recorded by unknown authors who may or may not have made up some of it or all of it.
    Nobody knows.
    That's why you need faith to decide.


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