Who Are You, God? – Ravi Zacharias

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Ravi shares some of the most important messages of the 20th century. Who is God? Many scholars and intellectuals have tried to answer the age old question of who is God. Join Ravi as he walks you through grasping this complex question with regard to moral law. All rights belong to RZIM.
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  1. Terifficante quante persone lo adorano e si fanno idolo di lui, o adirittura tramite tra se e Dio. Si parla di idolatria nella Chiesa Cattolica ,ma purtroppo non e solo li si pratica questo orrendo adormentare lo spirito. Questo predicatore e una triste dimostrazione. Signore non perdona ai ribelli e li mette pari ala stregoneria.

  2. A serious question to ask:
    Would the real "Jesus" please stand up!
    THINK!!! –so many churches…why so many doctrinal conflicts and interpretations if there is only ONE Jesus??? If all truth is man's interpretation, there is no life behind that name, except as an idealized idolized invention.
    YAHSHUA is the only TRUE SAVIOR.

    Remember…there is ALSO only one Lucifer who wants to become "like the Most High".

  3. Thank You Father God maker of Heaven and earth for Your Son Jesus and servants as Ravi who Loved You with ALL of His heart and Soul and never shrunk back to help share You with everyone. His witness of You and Salvation through Jesus be given Boldly to all who Seek You in Your Word of Truth and not man's word but we continue to Share Your Truth that will set people Free , no matter what hardships us True Believers will endure here till we are home with You..
    Hardships that the ones before us went through found in 2 Corinthians 6:4 through 10. Even though the world now tries to lie about your children like Ravi . You will open the eyes to all who Seek You in Your Word of Truth the Bible that holds Your Truths and all that is to come as Matthew chapter 24.
    Thank You for Ravis example of Loving You and others Well as Jesus in Phil. Chapter 2 : 1 through 18
    All Praise to You Father who Is the Great I Am! Holy God…as we Press On to take Hold of that for which Christ Jesus took Hold of us who Love You more then Life here as our Home is with You and we beagle to share You with others You place into our daily lives while here so they to can Know You and be Saved through Jesus our Lord and Savior. In Jesus Name Amen

  4. One blind man cannot lead another man or they will both fall into a ditch. Jesus probably meant never put your faith in a man. Gods word is the only way truth and life. So sad ravi had such knowledge but no wisdom.

  5. This man was living a double life. He wasn't struggling, he was a hypocrite. God had enough and exposed him. He had plenty of time to repent, but chose not to.

  6. When i see this man of God, and see mr. Derek Prince, another man of God, i see something common and something different.
    In common: they both had knowledge. Mr. Prince, even he graduated and was a professor at Cambridge college, he preached whole and only the counsel of the Lord, nothing else added. On the other hand, Mr. Zacharias had very strong secular non biblical arguments to demonstrate God's existence –not necessary indeed since the Holy Spirit Is Who convince of sin. A knowledge lover definitely would enjoy Mr. Ravi speech. Derek eventhough he had strong logic, he limited himself to preach, as Paul the apostle said, Christ and This crucified, and tried to live by faith, by the Word of God: calling sin sin, crucifying the flesh and its affections and depending totally in Jesus sacrifice, understanding not underestimating nor denying the fight with prince of this world satan. Even after bro Derek Prince's death, the efforts of the devil to disqualify him or to disfame him have not prevail. But in every video of Bro Ravi we get a bunch of comments talking about his mistakes.

  7. 1 Corinthians 13:1 says, "If I speak in the tongues of men or of angels, but do not have love, I am only a resounding gong or a clanging cymbal." Sadly, this was the case with Ravi. He was a brilliant orator, but his heart was not right with God. It could not have been right with God because he did evil things to innocent people. No lover of God would have done these deeds. His words don't mean a thing–they are all noise, like a clanging cymbal. Let us all hope and pray that he repented during his final hours.

  8. God had a purpose in giving His servent Ravi to the world filled with confusion about the Truth, Ravi was able to Present Truth ( Creator ) to the world in very plain words were every one could understand. People who listen will never be the Same, because the Spirit of God was using Ravi.

  9. I shared with my friends his word but they reply me with his monstrous acts. Its difficult , making everything seems unreal . Like Kenneth Copeland , not a person that i would trust.

  10. God ask Jesus to die for humanity because of His great love for us. Payment was a perfect sacrifice .God himself cannot look upon sin, it's impossible. No name under earth is greater than the debt payer Jesus. We are called to be faithful,not great in this world or the eyes on men. What have we that we did not receive from God. Tell me what? There is nothing new under the son. Look at the opportunity of great men like Solomon or Saul. They fell because of sin,where are they today? Don't we struggle each day against the wiles of the devil? Don't we trust God to protect us as we hold on to faith? Don't we seek repentance daily? We will all stand before Jesus and give account for our lives according to those things done in our bodies. I pray Ravi found repentance and well stand before Jesus and will receive the crown of life. I prayer this for all who desire to live Godly in Christ Jesus.

  11. I am in South Africa and it was sad for us to witness how his legacy is under attack in the US. But what stands, regardless of the accusations ( whether true or not) is the fact that God used him in his lifetime to take the Gospel to hostile territories, under hostile circumstances to win souls for His Kingdom, for he is wise he who wins souls. May the Lord continue to be with Margie and the family.

  12. Remember God loves you so much that he sent his son to die for our sins , then he rose again in 3 days ,so that we can have everlasting life please repent and get baptized in the name of the Father Son and Holy Ghost✔️..

  13. Ravi could not fool his body language. The body will always betray the mind. @14:20 to 14:40 as Ravi describes this preacher who was living a double life he gives himself away. As he describes the hypocrisy, note how he blinks in agreement with himself. This is why it's so hard to fool a lie detector because it does not matter if we control our exterior, our internal emotions will give us away. In this case, his unnatural blinking did it gave him away to the trained mind. Read up on books about body language and you'll learn how to spot deceit in 90% of the population. God bless.

  14. many many people are always claiming that the reason so many turn out bad is because they didn't have a father. well look at the behavor an character of these thugs fathers. their fathers were thugs and criminals not wise man. imagine how much worse these people would be if they'd been raised by fathers like that. my point is once you reach a certain age you make the choices therefore you are responsible for your mental, physical, emotional and spiritual development so that means the failure is their own not their fathers! Haviing a good morally upright parent makes all the difference. you can be the best parent their is have three kids and despit ehavin gthe same parent they will all turn out very different every single time.

  15. I miss you so much Ravi. Whatever they say about you will still remain no1 in my heart. Your words and teachings are all that matters.
    YOu have done a good job in preaching the gospel to people. No one can explain the word of god better than you do. May you rest in peace in the presence of the lord. I am sure your family and your ministry will continue to be bless.

  16. the black community should take note most of my friend have kids that they do not care about at all, they just walk away leaving the girl alone to take care ,of that child ,


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