What’s Wrong With the World? | Billy Graham Classic

Without Christ, there’s no hope for this world. Billy Graham explains what Christ’s resurrection means for you in this 1966 message from Greenville, South Carolina. Watch more #MondayNightClassics every Monday at 8 p.m. Eastern.

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  1. Praise the lord Jesus Christ give you all my souls and my heart to you lord Jesus Christ thank you for dying on the cross for my sins praise your name this moment 🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌 you are king forever and ever amen 🙏

  2. When I have no hope or living a life without God and facing a lots of trouble in life by hearing or listening the sermons of living Sir Billy Graham I got peace and happiness in my life and have a new thought to carry on with God,thank you God for loving us so much

  3. P.S. Many have been told the big LIE that if you're " good " you go to Heaven & if you're " bad " you're going to Hell. —- * False Preachers & False Teachers ,this False Denominations / Churches . —- as many CHRIST Centered Preachers & Teachers have stated that Satan is in the Church's across the world. — Plus the Fact that the Scriptures state that the Jews are looking for Signs & wonders & the Gentiles think it's foolish that Someone would die for them. — they Just don't get it !! —- * David Hathaway the Pentecostal Preacher has stated that many of the Holocaust Jews want Signs & Miracle's ( wonders) then they will come to Faith in CHRIST. —- Very Tragic !! —Very Sad !! —–

  4. ****** The Problem is for many People they think that they are basically " good " ", upright " People , they don't Grasp the Fact that they are Sinners in the Sight of the HOLY ,RIGHTEOUS , DIVINE ,MAJESTIC GOD of the Universe / Cosmos YAHWEH / JEHOVAH —- O Come to the FATHER through YESHUA / JESUS CHRIST the SON , Amen. —-

  5. We're all black and white good and evil on and off, who are you when no one is around, that is control I wear 💜! Redeemed! Learn how your eyes and the cones and the rods work and you actually see light!!!! Look it up there is a gene inside every atom ⚛️ they are trying to delete your light!

  6. When man stops pretending that we aren't our bodies that these vessels carry the water in the vessels that the Christos in each life form creates during all of the months the word stands firm in the skies always and always have time to awaken realize!!! Real eyes 👀 what is before your face and that which is hidden will be revealed we are nature, man denies mother denies the heart! Time to awaken

  7. My Country Feedback 🇺🇸♥

    O God come quickly to my assistance against The Beast.
    O Lord quickly make haste to help me against Beastcraft.

    July 26, 2022

    Today's Film Offerings 🎥

    9:00 am

    To Lie Down With Lions

    International espionage takes two men (Timothy Dalton, Nigel Havers) and the woman (Marg Helgenberger) they love from Luxembourg to Armenia.
    Initial release: June 12, 1994
    Director: Jim Goddard
    Adapted from: Lie Down with Lions

    Warning this comment content may not be appropriate for some readers.

  8. **** IMPORTANT ******
    A-lot of Trinitarians do not know this but after the council of Nicaea any in 325 this Trinity was made mandatory and a lot of Christians were persecuted , tormented and killed for not accepting the trinity doctrine. The trinity doctrine is not of God even the trinity symbol/logo is pagan. I hear so many Trinitarian‘s say how Mohammed was wrong for killing the Christians to except Islam when the Trinitarian‘s founders we’re doing the same thing to make the Christians accept their trinity doctrine !!!!!! Look at the fruits it’s killings , persecutions and tortures . even history tells us how the Trinitarian‘s after the Nicene Creed was created they used every torturing instrument they had available. Satan was a murderer from the beginning. But a lot of you don’t care you will still follow that doctrine of devils even after the history of the evil trinity doctrine is fully well documented. Watch Pastor Gino Jennings a real man of God and repent and obey Acts 2:38 or you will end up in hell with your mother church “the Catholic Church “. I pray to God you check out everything I just told you.

  9. Revelation 19:10
    GOD’S WORD Translation

    10 I bowed at his feet to worship him. But he told me, “Don’t do that! I am your coworker and a coworker of the Christians who hold on to the
    👉 testimony of Jesus. 👈
    🔥 Worship God, 🔥
    because the testimony of Jesus is the spirit of prophecy!”

  10. 🙏 Hello friends I have a New video on Heaven and bible prophecy and the end times. Please go to Papa Joe Fortner or shockwaves of the end times or The watchmen series with papa joe. Thank you and God bless 🙏

  11. Pray For the wicked, forgive them their wrongs as God has too. Pray for His word to exhort through out you and you shall be gifted the word by , of , and With the Holy Spirit

  12. Racism and the Holy Bible! What a bad ideal! I will never worship white people nor believe in THIER God! However, we are not in America, we only exist on earth! White men are in America and need to get the hell out!

    Ever since Billy Gram and beyond slaves were given two alternatives, servitude and death! The chronology of this “white predominant” infarction is based completely on fiction! Writers authors and of course editors of published works both literary, bibliographic, or documentary could not all go plasma, Therefore, this generation is angry! The science behind generational gaps is ignorance! They as you and the world want to keep “black children young fried and laid to the side! Vain, in pain, and nutty with a grain! All metadata insane feeds from worldwide views as to how did black people and minorities get in this native land! Truthope is not a compliment, it is a scary concept that we were gullible enough to believe and blind trust the wrong people! Do we even care after a certain amount of years! No! Fight as we may over our past, it is impossible to know something was not given to you after it’s gone! Crying is fine when we know why we cry! White people cause our misery then play chicken with our response as if they are the sane ones, and we are mental! “Africans”, our Ancestors, Breed opportunity, but have seldom become able to even capitalize on what we create or procreate invent or build as visionaries! White people see our Vision and hostile it as if it is there own! We see our vision and become a statistic for him! This is his ideal of clearing the air for him to soar in our vision we reveal from within! We are more than what you see!!!! Thus Egypt sits in museums captured by “pirates of opportunist like artifacts stolen from Africa and held in our Smithsonian, and the underground railroads throughout most of the free world! Our bondage was more than chained and shackled! He was trying to kill that vision in Africa and Us his people! We are the new world order, what’s left of us! See wisdom reveals that as an opportunist, we can excel, but as vision builders there is an endless portal full of wealth at our finger tips and we must be free to go get that vision! That’s us, we see more than the opportunity, we see our vision, build visions we do not just want progress to regress, prosper and excel in opportunist, this gives us the image of a supernatural Being, the image of God is truly our best character! Therefore, let no man of any race define us, ever! Our definition is set by God! Break every chain! We command in the name of Jesus, Judis, “let my people”…..
    Copyrights by TELawrence (all rights reserved)!

  13. Yes indeed.Billy Graham explaned various ways, the meaning of beliefe in Jsus Christ! I would like to hear & see you Franklin Grahem, to continue the spread of the good word, to this very problematic world? we / us , the world's human race, we need a "" TRUE "" religious guidance, such as you. I am – I am looking forward, to see & hear the NEXT GRAHAM CRUSADE LEADER. Yes, we all, the good people should stay to be good, by the grace of the Lord, & to remind & to make them evil ones, to repent, & stay on the right path! Thank you BILLY GRAHAM, thank you FRANK GRAHAM. = "" GOD BLESS YOU FURTHER ON. "" =


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