What’s Holding You Back? | Pastor Steven Furtick

What if we’re accidentally holding ourselves back from God? Learn how to stop blocking God from moving in your life.

To watch the full sermon, click here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZI-_YRZgEHQ
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  1. Sigh… some people just can't understand certain things. They might not ever until it's in the Spiritual realms. Here's the thing, if people appear on the surface upset with you or against you then that's your opportune moment to reflect… what could I have done wrong? Maybe we ourselves are in the wrong. There's a lot of pride fullness, arrogance, attitudes, angry moments from that platform and I'm still concerned. Sure his heart is in the right place, but I dunno there's still something ominous sometimes. Find Peace and don't always get upset because supply is blocking. That will come in time. The purpose of life really is to care for someone, wholeheartedly. Treat your neighbor with respect and love them from a distance. He will know us by how we Love one another! Must re-enter the Kingdom like little children, the blessing is always based on how we pray.

  2. Jesus Christ healed me! This is my story about my healing!I was extremely ill! I had diabetes and kidney failure, which urgently requires dialysis! I prayed to God to heal me, not for me, because I don't deserve it, but for my little children, who were left without a mother! in exactly that day, in which I prayed, the Lord healed me! I suddenly felt the pain in my kidneys go away, as well as the dryness in my mouth (diabetes). I'm a new women now! I thank the Lord for His mercy and love for us!

  3. If you ever feel lonely, always remember that we ,your brothers and sisters are here to pray for you,YOUR NOT ALONE ,YOU CAN DO IT NOT BECAUSE OF YOU BUT BECAUSE OF GOD THE LOVE OF GOD WITHIN YOU

  4. Yes amen recently God has been trying to tell me to and to push me in the right direction for me to help people that are on the street or to even just help my neighbor and I was really blocked I blocked God and so thank you for this🙏🏻

  5. Thanks Man. I Do A Lot Of Politically Incorrect Stuff….Out Of Loving Stuff.. God Willing.. The People That Are Twisted Like Me Might Relate… And Decide… Maybe I Can Do This God Thing…

  6. Part that spoke to me is how we indirectly block God from entering into us/working through us.

    I pray God that we may Unblock our hearts and minds, and stop caring about the crowd says or about our self conscious let us learn to have faith in you while you work through us, as we praise you day in and day out🙌 amen.


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