What You Want Isn't The Problem | Steven Furtick

If you honor the process, God will honor His promise.

This is an excerpt from “Cutting Corners.” To watch the full message from @Elevation Church, click here: https://youtu.be/BeicUrZjlJU

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Section Titles:
0:00 – I Don’t Cut Corners!
2:06 – You Can’t Fight Like That
4:00 – There’s Nothing Wrong With Your Desire
6:05 – God Wants To Give You More
8:12 – Trust God With The Outcome

Scripture References:
Psalm 57, verse 2

What You Want Isn’t The Problem | Steven Furtick


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  1. It's up to me to focus on God I have a great heart maybe I'm too nice too people that's why I got to keep telling myself I got to fouuse back on God I would be so much happier I do know that feeling

  2. This helps me man…. My best freind… I love her and I feel like she's the one God has for me… We've both been through so much together but….. She doesn't have feelings for me. She only sees me as her best freind and…. This message right here just helps me a lot. I love her and wanna be with her…. But I have to trust God. There's something he's trying to tell us. I'm praying she's the one but if not…. I will still praise God beacuse even if she isn't the one… She's still a big part of my life and a blessing

  3. This message was EXACTLY what I needed. The struggle was real!! I needed to hear from Him and oh boy! Thank you for spending time with Him delivering these messages how He gives it to you!!

  4. So tru I e never been single till about 10 months ago and I'm not willing to jump in no more and I'm actually holding myself to a standard I want a relationship to start out the right way with Convo not nudes pics and believe it or not I haven't found it yet!!! So I'm staying single till I find it! Amen

  5. Me and my boyfriend broke up 4 days ago , we have been planning our entire future together and this was so out of the blue… God has helped us to get through so many things and become stronger. I prayed and He answered my prayers yesterday to let me see my "boyfriend" and we had such a good time but today somehow things just got worse.

    I pray that God will continue working in our lives and bring us closer together, that God will bring him back to me , give back my love. I pray it according to Matthew 7:7 (Ask and it will be given to you , seek and you will find. Knock and the door will be opened to you)

    Please pray for me and my love to get back together


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