What if God says no to my prayers? (Message) | Sandals Church

Have you ever prayed for something and the opposite of what you were praying for came true? That can be hard and challenge your beliefs. How do we understand and respond when it looks like God is saying no to the things that we’ve been praying for? Maybe there’s something deeper happening that we need to investigate.

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Pastor Matt Brown talks about:
-In order to understand God, we must first be able to see God.
-The reasons God does not answer our prayers is…
–We don’t ask Jesus
–We don’t have faith
–We are asking for something that is not good
–We ask with selfish motives
–We have unconfessed sin in our lives
–God has a different plan

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  1. Thank you fir your message. I lost someone this year whom I loved very, very much and have been struggling with the loss and made me at odds with God. I have been praying for peace about this bitterness I am harboring and you have no idea how much your message meant to me today.

  2. I have my one year old at fontana kieser in the ICU fighting for her life on a ventilator. She also has been fighting infant leukemia since born. We finally got the cancer under control and now covid has destroyed her lungs. We cant catch a break and keep praying earnestly for a miracle but we are losing time. Thank you for this sermon it was meant for me.

  3. 13 years ago…the most amazing women in my life..my mom….believed…and the Drs took out an 11 oz cancerous tumor……she believed…oh how she believes…this year she will be 87 years young
    and celebrating 13 years cancer free…..Christ is so so amazing….Pastor Matt…you so nailed it…….we have to ask…..just ask…then believe…


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