What A Beautiful Name Hillsong Worship Songs Playlist 🙏 Compilation Praise Worship Songs By Hillsong

What A Beautiful Name Hillsong Worship Songs Playlist 🙏 Compilation Praise Worship Songs By Hillsong
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[00:00:00] What A Beautiful Name
[00:05:43] None But Jesus
[00:11:16] Cry Of The Broken
[00:14:03] Unending Love
[00:17:25] Anchor
[00:21:48] Oceans
[00:27:16] Hope Of The World
[00:30:56] Came To My Rescue
[00:35:36] God Is Able
[00:38:51] Higher
[00:44:16] From The Inside Out
[00:49:50] Rise
[00:54:09] I Believe In Jesus
[00:56:59] Splinters And Stones

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Hillsong United (stylised as Hillsong UNITED or UNITED) is a word of faith worship band that originated as a part of Hillsong Church. Formed in 1998 as part of Hillsong’s youth ministry, the band consists of several rotating worship leaders from the church, including Joel Houston, Taya Smith-Gaukrodger, Matt Crocker, Jonathon Douglass, Jad Gillies and Benjamin Hastings. Due to several songs written by the youth ministry, Hillsong worship leader Darlene Zschech recommended that they record an album, which resulted in their debut extended play, One, which was released alongside the Hillsong Worship album Touching Heaven Changing Earth. Since then, the group has released fourteen live albums, as well as five studio albums (Sixteen albums in total). The band composes songs and performs in church services as well as concerts in worldwide tours.
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  1. The biggest hindrance to our blessings is lack of faith, the sooner we recognize how big our God is, the smaller our problems become. Our problems is temporary, but God is everlasting. God bless you all!

  2. Lord, as humans we all mistakes. That is just our nature. Sin was already in us before we were out of the womb. God Almighty, I pray, whatever the reason it may be that you send this pandemic into our world, I am praying and asking on behalf of the world who has turned their backs on you, that you would forgive us. I will admit, we have committed so many sins. We had allowed evil into our world. We had accepted sin to take over our lives. Instead of reading our Bible, eating your Words, we have been distracted on our big screens on our living room, we have been taken captive to our phones. We consider our Social Media, the News, video games more important than You. Lord, we havent worshiped you the way we should have worshiped You. We did offerings with a heart full of evil. We have sang praises to glorify ourselves, not You. Lord we have gossiped, committed Adultery with eyes of lust. We have committed murder in our hearts. We took revenge on our brothers instead of forgiving them. Lord, please forgive your children. Remember your promises, your children, remember us, O' God. We are just humans after all. We have no power. We are sinful, broken, shattered, chained up to sin. Yet, You went to war for us, You still had your arms wide open for us. Lord, Please, forgive us. Remember the pain and suffering Your Son went through. The world closed its door on You, but You still have your doors open for us. Your love is greater than we can imagine. Lord, please forgive us. In Your Sons Name, In the Name of Jesus, I pray, Amen.


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