Watch this Ukrainian diplomat's powerful speech at the United Nations | "Pray for salvation"

Sergiy Kyslytsya, Ukraine’s permanent representative to the UN, made a powerful statement after Russia vetoed a Security Council vote.

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  1. of course courages who is backing him incomptence goverment use and trying to be a smart ass sell the soul of ukraine to the evils what is so proud of nothing

  2. Exactly what is the wotld waiting for to really help Ukraine. With sanctions we are going nowhere.

    Come on WORLD show the bully that this kind of attitude is not tolerated in 2022. Give ukraine president all the means he needs so he can defend his country.

  3. Genghis Khan knew how to deal with Ambassadors of traitorous nations as did Vlad the Impaler. I wonder if the Russian Ambassador to the United Nations wonders how he sits there immune to the consequences of his nations war? Not being of the Dove Mentality I hold a picture in my mind of Putin at the mercy of Vlad as the treetop disappears only to reappear from his throat. Come on, if leaders of warmongering nations knew that was what was going to happen to them you can bet they would stay on their own land. In the words of the Mikado "I've got a little list."

  4. I will like to see Russia claim the artic see what happens

    Canadians who are already shocked watching Russiaโ€™s brutal, world-changing military takeover of Ukraine โ€” its neighbouring nation state โ€” should be even more deeply disturbed when they consider the fact that Canada also shares a long, ill-defined and disputed boundary with the Russian Federation.

  5. Who cares? The Russians have been extremely nice and allowed you the opportunity to escape if you wanted. I'm not sure if they have unleashed their Thermobaric missiles, but presumably, they haven't. The ex-president of Ukraine thinks he's in control, he isn't.

  6. Yeah yโ€™all Canadiennes get ready to sign up, ship out, and cash in for the women-and-children inโ€ฆwhere was it again? Oh well, you know the drillโ€ฆ

    Oh you donโ€™t? Well, you will in 8 weeksโ€ฆ

    Keep Russians and truckers away from borders, bamn!


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