WATCH THIS NOW AND WILL ANSWER YOUR PRAYERS | Powerful Prayer For Blessings, Miracles, And Favour

WATCH THIS NOW AND WILL ANSWER YOUR PRAYERS | Powerful Prayer For Blessings, Miracles, And Favour

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  1. In Jesus Name I Pray and declare and receive this Wonderful Prayer into my life today and forevermore. Thankyou Father, for everything You do for me. In Jesus Name with a loving and grateful heart. Amen.🎚️🙏❤️🙏❤️🙏❤️🎚️

  2. Thankyou Lord God Bless You Always Heavenly Father Praise The Lord in Jesus Name Amen Thankyou Jesus Thankyou Lord Thankyou Holy spirit Thankyou universe love always your faithful servant and son in Christ Daniel Amen, YES, Shalom, YES, AMEN, Yes ⛪🌈🔑💍👫🗽🌞🎆🌍👨‍💼💰👰🏰🎁👨‍👩‍👧‍👧✈️👨‍🔬👩‍❤️‍👨👨‍👩‍👦🏆👸🚗🙏💵🚀🤴💎❤️

  3. Sometimes we get impatient. We think we’re missing out, we’re falling behind. But I’ve learned that what belongs to you is not going to go to anyone else. What has your name on it will come to you. Instead of trying to force things, relax and stay in peace. God is ordering your steps. He’s already lined up what you need to fulfill your destiny. If it hasn’t happened yet, it wasn’t the right time. If the door closed, something better is going to open up. You don’t have to manipulate things, try to convince people to like you, force the door to open. Let the blessings come to you. If you’re having to connive and convince—you’re frustrated, can’t sleep—you need to let that go and trust God to do it His way.

  4. Heavenly father, please shower your miracle blessing abundance protection always on me and my family always Lord fullfill all my wishes and destroy all evil from bowbazar home and our life and destroy all my enemies within family and outside and especially the enemies of baguihati house and bowbazar home and make bowbazar home our permanent residence and sell out baguihati house and bring back s.m to mch and my mother and rosyma and s.m always with me and bless me and my family always Lord protect me and my family always Lord 💖💚🌹💛💐🌻💗❤🌼💝🌷💜🍀💞🌸💘💟💙💕🌹💚


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