WARNING TO THE CHURCH!!! ⚠️| Prophet TB Joshua

Prophet TB Joshua sheds LIGHT on an important topic that has been the subject of much confusion in these perilous times – especially in the Church…

This sermon at The SCOAN, titled ‘The Misinterpretation Of Natural Talents As Spiritual Gifts’, contains a much-needed message – and indeed warning – to people of God.

We pray your heart would hearken to the life-changing truths contained within, to ensure your life lines up with God’s Word!

“A minister of God is someone who God Himself puts His Word into his mouth.” – Prophet TB Joshua


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  1. Pray for my family continues thank you jesus for protecting our family Siddu kevin Rooney savio costen deadly vignesh theju disha bhavish chinni ammu vishal hamsika

  2. My beloved blessed Prophet TB Joshua, God's Own 🙏, continually my Mentor, the Creations intercessor from the throne of Grace. Emmanuel tv, soldier on, our Prophet is still alive, thank You Jesus Christ for loaning Him to mankind, now the road to Heaven is Right Infront of us, Your Word Lord will live forever 🙏 in our hearts. King Jesus Christ our Savior,thank You for Salvation LORD 🙏

  3. I love T.B Joshua so much. I declare and decree to meet him in heaven when I leave this world. Since his death, I can't stop listening to his preaching.

  4. i love how he always said "that is for Jesus" to remind us we are not in the synagogue for TB Joshua but foe Jesus.. i love you Prophet TB Joshua. you helped me love Jesus even more 💜💜

  5. Thank You Jesus for Prophet T B Joshua's teachings thank You Lord for Emmanuel TV, I don't know where would I be without Emmanuel TV, God bless SCOAN in Jesus Christ name, Amen.

  6. Intact the calmness in which he speaks is even a healing. We are still blessed because he is now even more powerful now that he can see physical and spiritual. We bless God

  7. Amen..thank You JESUS CHRIST..
    I received my blessings..thank you Jesus Christ..
    Thank you for this wonderful messages of this perilous time..thank you Holy spirit for opening my eyes and heart to See the way You want me to be..in Jesus Christ Name I pray . amen

  8. Am blessed by this message God bless his word in the midst of my heart thank u Daddie lwill love u up to heaven,lgive glory ,honour,to the holy spirit Jesus,God Almighty in Jesus name Amen,Amen,

  9. I'm blessed forever with Emmanuel tv You're a great General sir, people didn't know you're still alive seeing the world but I can tell because as long the ways of God is still working in our life's everyday you're still alive watching the world, An Angel sent on earth Prophet T.B Joshua ✝️

  10. 5thjune the departure of our Father in the lord my prophet thank you lord I celebrate the work of God in him I ask holy spirit to help me to understand more of the word of God in Jesu name


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