WAR For Marriage Restoration (Day 1): Call Forth Your Marriage

Marriage Restoration Prayer & Fasting Plan: I Call Forth Your Marriage (For Future and Current Husbands and Wives)
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  1. I've been married for 5 years and I had a really bad drinking problem I hurt my wife emotionally and mentally learning this I went to rehab and I'm now 2 and a half months clean and I'm looking forward to being sober for the rest of my life and my wife is now finding it hard to to forgive me and we are currently separated and all she talks about now is "D" and all I want to do is show her who I'm becoming I have surrounded my life to God completely I pray and fast for weeks and months since and all I can do is stay righteous and fight my flesh to keep the faith in God it's really painful and I don't wish this on anyone please stay away from earthly strongholds they allow the devil to take full control over you and his main goal is to destroy you and everyone around you that you love all he needs is a body I wish I could go back but life is not a fairytale I really need prayer help I miss and love my family so much I'm tired of sinning and I don't want to sin anymore i have confessed and repented for my past sins in Mathew 19 talks about "D" and I definitely do not want to commit adultery please pray for us and may God bless you thank you

  2. Thank u so much Sister for the powerful prayer.. I used to listen n pray this prayer when my husband applied for divorce.. But he cancelled the divorce n we r together now.. but plz pray.. After few months he is acting the same😭😭

  3. Thank you Sooo much Abba father God, Papa Jesus and Holy Spirit for restoration and recompense of my marriage! Stealing, killing and destroying, divorce and bitterness deactivated in my marriage, l am claiming back my marriage and to glorify God’s mighty hands and his miracles are displaying in my marriage in Jesus mighty name! I also speak life over all the godly marriages that got stolen by the enemy, l am standing and taking them back by the resurrection power of Jesus. I plead the blood of Jesus all over marriages here and ask Warrior Angels from Psalms 91 to protect all of us here. Thank you Jesus! Amen.

  4. Thank you Jesus for doing a new thing in my marriage!!! In the hearts of my husband and I! I thank you for our marriage prospers and enjoys godliness and fruitfulness!!! In Jesus mighty name,Amen!!!

  5. Heavenly God and Angles thank you for your blessings and a chance at reviving my marriage. We are powerless with out you in our life Jesus. I pray for all in the struggle and shadowed by evil that God rips away these dark covers and let the everlasting glow of love and light shine upon them. 🕊🙏🏼❤️✝️🙌🏼🌟


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