UPPER ROOM Worship Experience with DUNSIN OYEKAN FRIDAY 10TH JUNE 2022

We apologize for the technical issues at the beginning of the live feed. The sound is fully restored from 10:20 mins. God bless you


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  1. Good afternoon ife mi am sorry am using this account to talk you sir , it is well everything , just to let you am Missing you & I got your point & am crying within …… love you bebe

  2. This is 11 days old.
    I'm watching, worshipping and praying along.
    Somewhere within, a case of movements in the ear was mentioned. I have had this few weeks now.
    I laid my hands on the ears.
    I can't feel the movements again.

    This video is 11 days old now o…

    JESUS and His power is real. Hallelujah.
    I'm sending this same power and anointing to the meeting I'm ministering tonight.

    Glory to God


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