Unlearn Your Limitations | Pastor Steven Furtick | Elevation Church

What if your own limiting beliefs are what’s really holding you back?
In “Unlearn Your Limitations” Pastor Steven Furtick of Elevation Church encourages us to question the limitations we’ve learned and embrace the potential God placed inside of us.

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Section Titles:
0:00 – Mark 2, verses 1-12
3:05 – Unlearning Your Limitations
6:33 – Those Are Learned Limitations (Mark 2, verse 6)
8:25 – A Different Perspective On Mark 2
12:58 – Protecting Something Valuable
15:15 – You Can’t Do That (Mark 2, verses 6-7)
17:24 – God Is Confrontational
20:08 – There Comes A Time To Escalate
23:17 – Don’t Let Your Gift Become A Limitation
25:29 – Talking To Jesus
27:35 – Who Set Your Limit? (Mark 2, verse 12)
31:10 – Don’t Be Loyal To My Limitations
34:15 – Getting Permission From Within (1 Corinthians 2, verses 6-10)
37:05 – Why Are You Thinking These Things? (Mark 2, verses 5-8)
39:40 – The Power of the Right People In Your Life
41:20 – Have You Been Blocked Lately?
43:33 – Jesus Has No Limitations (Luke 5, verse 20)
45:30 – Lay It Down At His Feet
48:29 – An Invitation To Receive Jesus

Unlearn Your Limitations | Pastor Steven Furtick | Elevation Church


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Comment (0)

  1. Thank you God, thank you for your grace and mercy. Thank you for being here for me, thank you for never leaving me, thank you for being my constant companion, thank you Lord for staying, God thank you for what you've done, especially through your son, Jesus, just to give us a chance to experience you and your love Lord

  2. Yes, I feel the same, I feel that when I go, then the space that opens up is for so many others , I feel as if I can't do much else here, and I know I need to dive deep in with God every day to work on strength and faith and I guess some courage and bravery just as a human, that I accept what I need to accept which is what I essentially need, yet I don't know what I need so I'm waiting for God to say or show me so I'm trying as hard as possible, really working on this , practicing and trying to align trying to be ready or as prepared as possible, and then as open to God as possible and keep on keeping on because He keeps me, he is why I'm here, why I'm still breathing, if not for God I would not be here. I want new, I want to move on, I'm free, I'm allowed to just walk away from what was or is and just walk with God alone and not fold because of others and yet they no longer seem to care, so it's like here where I am, I don't have enough of a presence that others can be open to , but because people expect me to be what I was and if I'm just me, I experience attack, rejection, total heartlessness and so I say No to that, because I'm not who they want , I'm not enough for others to accept, I'm not normal enough for them, people almost chose to practice all their unkindness on me, which I respond to with kindness which truly hurts but I can't be like them or I will no longer be me and then I'll have no future, I pray for the instructions or first instruction of what next, because I want to go to God, I want to go with Him , walk home with Him.

  3. Oh my gosh, you are describing my life, you even said some of the exact words. It's as if you knew and I feel that God knew more so because of this timing , I'm not sure where this will lead , I pray I hear God

  4. Listening today, a year later, loving every minute of it. Being encouraged in the Lord, being corrected and repentant for those sins that had become comfortable, thank you JESUS that you didnt stop at giving me the ability to walk but you chose to forgive me..thank you thank you thank you! Thank you Elevation for you too have become a building block in my life..all the way in California and at an age that at times feels ageless (ya know thats the Lord!) 56! God Bless those whos will aligns with yours, may mine learn what ive been taught to serve you in this life! Glory Lord GLORY. In Jesus name! Amen! Love Sandee Foreshee

  5. I pray let me hear what I need today and don’t look, hit okay and listen over and over sometimes to some of the same sermons, I hear something new EVERYTIME.. ☺️ I love you guys.. you give me peace hope and renewal EVERYTIME


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