Unblock It | Beyond | Pastor Steven Furtick

Is your lack of belief blocking God from moving in your life? If you will remove the block then you can receive the blessing. Are you ready to unblock it?


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  1. I've watched so many of these sermons over and over several times a day. Love listening. Thank you pastor steven. ♥️🙏 pray for me please.

  2. THANK YOU LORD God My father YES God father MY Friend sip father New DAY NEW LIFE MY father yes God father gave me Help father hallelujah KING Of KINGS wander full good Ness of God one name my Father JESUS CHRIST Hallelujah 🙏Amen 🙏

  3. I ask for prayer for daryl raymound he needs a job his company is closing I 🙏 he is at peace n finds the job he is looking for he really deserves a good paying job that has Insurance cuz he needs a doctor it all can fall line threw the grace of God I know it I pray 🙏 God gives daryl what he needs ta feel comfortable amen..

  4. Praise God we received it n we made it thank you Father n thank u brother pastor furtick Mrs holly fam n elevation church may God bless you and us all

  5. Yeah all. I have to block the devil everyday, put him under my feet & break him off from my family. Amen
    I’m a daughter of Jesus Christ, the victory, the battle is won!!!
    I know who my Heavenly Father is
    He makes a way,when there looks like no way
    I look to Christ Jesus who strengthens me!!!

  6. God isn’t looking for Tupperware to seal His blessings into.
    He’s looking for funnels so His blessings can flow through you.

    I can witness to the fact that you can’t out give God.



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