UEFA Europa League | SF | Eintracht Frankfurt v West Ham United | Highlights

Highlights from the UEFA Europa League semifinal match between Eintracht Frankfurt and West Ham United at Deutsche Bank Park in Frankfurt


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  1. Pls how many finals do we have in Europa league because I am seeing
    West Ham vs Frankfurt
    Marseille vs Fernayoord
    Leicester city vs AS Roma
    Rangers vs Leipzig

    ……all in semi final?

  2. i hate this referee
    all he likes is redcard
    he has ruined cruical matches like el classico
    rivalries like barca and atletico
    gave ronaldo undeserved red card
    all he wants is to break the record of the referee with the most given redcards

  3. From the last 3 games it was clear that West Ham wasn't gonna make it their performance has been poor. No desire, willingness, energy, vigor or self motivation in their play. In these type of games you need to dig deep to succeed.


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