UEFA Europa Conference League | SF | AS Roma v Leicester City | Highlights

Highlights from the UEFA Europa Conference League match between AS Roma and Leicester City at the Stadio Olimpico in Rome


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  1. Mou deserves credit because this is one of the weakest teams he managed in the last decade and yet he's on course to win a major trophy something that Roma would never think of at the beginning of the season. As an Inter fan Mou will always be "the special one"

  2. Rodgers doesn't have a precise first eleven team and he doesn't even trust some of his players. Lookman for example in last night's game had a very good first half but was taken off for a defender. In the 45 minutes he had played, he was better than Jamie Vardy who played a full match.
    There is no fairness in the team Vardy has been out of form for the last few months but he still finds his way back into the team. Respectfully Vardy has achieved a lot at the club in terms of goals, assists, and trophies being won. However, that shouldn't make him irreplaceable in the team. He's not going to be playing at the top level for the next five years, somebody has to be nurtured to replace him at the club.

  3. Master of tournament football has done it again. I'm not surprised Roma is in the final Mourinho is the best in competition football he understands how to get over the line when it matters most. He may have declined according to his own standards but he still is a guy you can rely on in competition football. Porto Champions league final, Inter Champions league final, United Europa final the track record speaks for itself.


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