U.S Air Force's newest fighter: Tech-laden F-15EX 'Eagle II'; To replace the aging F-15 Eagles

The U.S. Air Force’s newest fighter jet recently fired its first missile over the Gulf of Mexico. During the flight, the f-15EX detected the drone using onboard sensors and launched the missile at the target. The successful release marked the first weapon fired from the fighter jet, a major milestone. ‘Open System Architecture’ – a key feature of the jet is the ability to incorporate future technologies.

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  1. Pretty cool, but some of the footage in this video is not of the EX variant. You can tell the EX by the IR sensors on the sides of the rear cockpit. They bulge out by blisters. I love seeing the footage, but please be accurate with it.

  2. If US is really sincere in helping Taiwan, this is the fighter jet Taiwan need. Why sell the old models to Taiwan when US herself is getting her own fighter jets replace?

  3. Only becuse of iliterate politicians 🇮🇳 we are lagging behind..Only thing Preventing India from being 100 percent developed is politicians. They amassed all wealth.

  4. Biggest radar cross section of any fighter in the world i.e. a flying target no matter how much technology is incorporated. In the USA India cope India 2004 exercise or a little later. India showed that even mig 21 with its little radar could defeat F15s.


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