Truth of God Broadcast 1141-1143 Pastor Gino Jennings HD Raw Footage!

New copy without skipping

22nd Holy Youth Convocation & 29th Radio & 20th Telecast Anniversary

Recorded on 03-31-18 Saturday Night Service HQ


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  1. Acts 17:26 And hath made of "one blood" all nations of men to dwell on and all the face of the earth, hath determined the times before appointed , and the bounds of their habitation;…

  2. I believe that, one person calls in to speak negative but there is a lot of people that needs to hear the truth, these Pastors only preach about money, and you can't even go to the church for help if you need it. The church don't give you a dime. You put money in and when you need help, the church don't help you. I know someone that this happened to. This lady has been in this church all her life and when the hurricane hit she went to the church for help and they promised to call her and guess what, the church never did call.

  3. I haven't seen anything negative but I don't care what people think because this Preacher is telling the truth, get over it ladies, some of you want to be pacified but that's over. That's why so many women are being kidnapped, missing and Raped is because of how they look and carry themselves, the truth will set you free.

  4. Thank you I have not been able to stop watching your programs I am a 53 year old white male marriage to a beautiful woman I love the truth in everything you talk about makes me see things so differently keep doing what you're doing we love it we love the truth it's about time in this day and age somebody tells the truth amen

  5. I’ve been saying this for years that Hollywood don’t get a pass with sin…. Cursing and appearing evil is justified simply because your getting paid… but the Bible never gave them a pass. Sin does not get a pass even if it’s fake.

  6. This pastor preaching Truth not to tickle the ears of his congregation with lies but with Gospel Truth to edify Gods church. Gino is a blessing. Thank God for Boldness to preach Gospel Truth with compassion & conviction.


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