Truth about Relationships and Marriage | The family | Billy Graham #relationship #billygraham

Truth about Relationships and Marriage | Billy Graham #relationship relat #billygraham

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  1. I chose the Christian God called Jesus 13 years ago over the “ gods “ I was faithful to for the 1st 32 years of my life as a Hindu. At 33 I was baptised- it hasn’t been a bed of roses but I have experienced joy & peace that surpasses all understanding, every day I experience a miracle or 2, it’s a supernatural life and I have a God who communicates with me through His word, God-incidents and above all a sweet love from Him that He demonstrates with His faithfulness time and time again without failing for all to see that He and only He is God ♥️

  2. We need more men of God who are not afraid to tell people the truth and not all this feel good preaching! If the preacher does not make you say "Ouch" then you need to find yourself another church. If your church does not preach about sin and repenting, you need to find another church. You must be born again of the water and of the Spirit which is the Holy Ghost! Jesus is coming soon! Do not allow someone to play with your soul! If you don't know, ask the One who has the key to the Kingdom! That person is Jesus! He will definitely tell you if you will be welcomed in or you will have to depart! Blessings to all!

  3. Ladies, you husband or potential husband is not a project that you can fix! Stop trying to fix these men! Seek the Lord for your spouse otherwise you are going to end up with the devil himself! Don't be fool! God is the only one who can change a person!

  4. To Wannabe: This is one to many. What makes u think I don't know this already? U always insult my spiritual n emotional intelligence. I don't like the way u talk n judge me. U r very sketchy, way to emotional, n negative. Ur always thinking I'm doing something wrong. I don't trust n like u either. I am not in love with anybody n I don't care if u believe that or not. Mind ur own business n ur own wife. U need to learn from Pastor Joseph Prince. I don't need a 3rd stalker, scammer in my life. U better stay away from my phone n stop bugging me. Grow up. I don't owe u any explanations I'm just fed up with scammer attacks. I will fight. I say what I mean n I mean what I say.

  5. I was not in love first thing.
    Was threatened hinged manipulated sabotaged controlled intimidated…forced.words were put in my mouth🙋‍♀️God is my witness,He can verify it

  6. When I was of the world, before I repented and came to my❤️ Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, I was so lost. alone and desperate. My heart broken so many times with emotional turmoil. I thank God because He is the matchmaker. Both my husband and I were led together through Him. This is ❤️ LOVE the way God intended it to be between husband and wife. All Praise goes to God! 🙏❤️💞

  7. What about if parents are abusive and bully their children and shamed them to everyone? Do children still have to honor them?

  8. I am 52 years old never maried, but many comon law paetner in my life.
    I want to be married.
    Hard to find a Christian woman that true loves God that want to get maried of age between 40 to 50 years old that doesnt smoke nore do drugs and still has a healthy libido that wants to obey Gods comandments or at least is dedicated to.

  9. God longs to remain eternally in relationship with us. But we’re a stubborn, rebellious species, bent toward self-destruction. Daily, we fight the very hands that formed us and choose our way over His. Scripture calls this sin, and our sin separates us from God. 

    But God loved us too much to leave us in our self-imposed misery. In Jesus Christ, He bridged the gap between us and Himself, and between life and death. To cross that bridge and gain our “get into heaven free” card, all we have to do is believe because, “If you confess with your mouth the Lord Jesus and believe in your heart that God raised Him from the dead, you will be saved” Romans 10:9

  10. Religion ahhh 😭 it is so sad that most people don't even understand who we are. Because we don't know we let many people take advantage of us. Make us feel like if we are broken and different there is something wrong with us. Nothing is wrong you just care what other people think which is not even your problem but there's. Get out of religion and receive your own spirit ask for it back. It will tell you many things


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