TRIBUTE SERVICE (LIVE)| Prophet TB Joshua (1963-2021)

Join us LIVE from 10am on Tuesday 6th July 2021 for an all-day tribute service at The Synagogue, Church Of All Nations in Lagos, Nigeria. This is an opportunity for people worldwide to share a tribute or testimony – either in person or via video – about how God has used Prophet TB Joshua to touch lives in a unique way, interspersed with special songs.

“The greatest way to use life is to spend it on something that will outlive it.” – Prophet TB Joshua


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  1. – CON THƯƠNG VÀ NHỚ NGÀI TB JOSHUA CHỈ VÌ NÓI TRƯỚC NGUYÊN NHÂN COVID 19 – vào ngày 2/3/2021 mà Phải về Trời,
    – Vì tôn giáo có câu:
    " THIÊN CƠ BẤT KHẢ LỘ" nay vì Ngài Lộ thiên cơ mà phải bị NGỌC ĐÌNH THƯỢNG ĐẾ PHẢI HỒI QUY TRỞ VỀ TRỜI,
    – AMEN
    – TB KOSHUA.

  2. Watching Emmanuel Tv and seeing all the testimonies of how many people were touched and transformed i cannot help but shed tears ,God remembered us when He sent us His servant Gods own TB Joshua! Thank u lord for the time we had with him and all he shared with us 🙏🏾

  3. Hallelujah ! Hallelujah ! Hallelujah ! May we all re-examine our daily walk with the Almighty in Christ, for such Lost of a Great Servant and General of GOD, Prophet TB Joshua promoted to eternity in Christ Glory !, surely with his Life, family and Ministry Legacy, in the Five Fold Ministry of Christ, he has left us with much to learn, and grow more and more in Christ, in spirit and in truth, while the Grace of GOD allows us to move and possess our being here in the Land of the Living, before it is TIME: Hence, Redeeming the TIME for the days are full of evil, lest the hardness of our hearts robs and destroys us because of the hardness of the heart due to sin. May ALL who BELIEVE CHRIST's work in the Life of dear Prophet TB JOSHUA be abundantly blessed in the fullness of Christ our Salvation. Be strong and continue to encourage one another faithfully. Take heart and stay connected to by FAITH in the Finished Works of Jesus Christ our LORD. Shalom

  4. He is a Great Man of God!! He is humble servant of God. He is shows usJesus Christ.
    I miss him. Am still crying.😭😭 I feel like close family.
    he is a most successful person in the , Faith , Love, humble, prayer Is his common words when he preached.
    I love him so much.
    May God comfort all his families and lover.
    I believe see him again, in the heaven.!!
    I give Glory to God !!!

  5. Thankyou Lord God Almighty for blessing us with your Prophet T.B Joshua,for letting us experience the wonders and your Miracles that you Lord performed through him.AMEN…………………….

  6. God's General rest well. You said " a man can be sick and yet be a friend and candidate to f heaven" thank you so much for that encouragement words. See you in heaven. What a life well spent. Lord Jesus grant me the Grace to leave a life that will outlive it. Amen

  7. I wanna send all my ❤🙏LOVE, HUGS, & KISSES, & PRAYERS🙏❤ To His Wifey & Whole Family❤🙏 – And this man 💯 IS ABSENT FROM THE BODY BUT PRESENTS WITH GOD & HE IS JUST SLEEPING FOR NOW & YALL WILL SEE HIM AGAIN 💯 Im So Sorry That He Has Left Us & I Live In The U.S. & I just LOVE U ALL In Nigeria & All Of Africa. I send my Love, & Hugs, & Prayers to all in his CHURCH & EVERYONE. I want yall to know u have much love from The 👑"QUEEN"👑-LIONESS, Im a huge lover of NollyWood Nigerian Movie Actors & Actresses & All, May Jehovah God & His Son Jesus Christ Give His WIFEY & CHILDREN & WHOLE FAMILY THE Strength for the next couple of Weeks & Months to come. I Definitely LOVE FROM The Bottom Of My Heart & GOD PLEASE Keep Ny Handsome & Beautiful People In Nigeria & All Of Africa & All Who Came FAR & WIFE To Pay Respects. ❤🙏(The United States of America)🙏❤🙏💯❤🔥💋🛺🌍💖😇🙏

  8. Your son in law said it well when he said you were a jack of all trades and master of all! You did it all and excelled in it all! Wow! Truly you were led by the Holy Spirit. You loved Jesus Christ you preached Jesus you exemplified Jesus Christ of Nazareth, you pointed us to Jesus Christ! You are the best we have seen in our generation!

  9. I consider myself to have received a special grace to have my eyes opened to the fact that this was a true man of God whilst he was still alive. Watching from 🇿🇦 🇿🇦🇿🇦🇿🇦🇿🇦🇿🇦. We will always love you Prophet! The most senior of all prophets of our generation

  10. This man followed the template of Jesus Christ, now that is a Christian! He showed us that it is possible to be like Christ! He is definitely in Heaven with Jesus Christ no doubt in my mind!

  11. I DESIRED the passion to study The Scripture when I started listening to PROPHET TB JOSHUA. I will never forget that and whenever he comes to preach there is one thing he will say before he starts preaching. The way he says it makes me laugh and that is HALALUYAH!


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