Top 50 Hillsong Praise And Worship Songs Playlist 2022 🙏 Christian Hillsong Worship Songs 2022

Top 50 Hillsong Praise And Worship Songs Playlist 2022 🙏 Christian Hillsong Worship Songs 2022
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  1. A few thoughts that perhaps can be addressed in the future.
    1. Difference between worship vs testimony.
    2. A song can be orthodox but cause a listener to seek out the theology of the group producing it, whether good or bad.
    3. Certain words can mean different things to different theological streams. Thus the intended meaning behind certain words may not be what you think.
    4. Some songs have overly repetitive lyrics not in a "holy, holy, holy" manner rather they disconnect the mind and can go on +10 minutes
    5. Certain songs are more doctrinally rich than others. Many popular songs are theologically shallow (yet still orthodox).
    6. Some songs get a little weird and sort of sound like the kind of love directed to a spouse.
    7. Some lyrics reflect a heavy seeking of experience, miracles, or "moving mountains", "slaying giants". Not as many will sing about sanctification, obedience, etc.
    8. Many songs are sung with lights off, smoke, etc driving more of an artificial emotional response.

  2. Thank you Don Moen for your spiritual hymns. My husband passed away on 28 March 2021, he was paralyzed for 8 years and he used to begin the day listening to your worship songs. I too find consolation in the songs. Please pray for us my youngest daughter and myself have been tested COVID positive. Give my son Savio and daughter Amelia strength to look after us


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