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  1. How to get SAVED

    In order TO GET SAVED you must believe in the Gospel, which was given to PAUL by Jesus Christ (Rom 16:25; Gal1:11-12) for us Gentiles today…..which is:

    -That Christ died for your sins, according to the scriptures
    -and that He was buried
    -and rose again the third day according to the scriptures
    (1 Cor 15:1-4)

    **Note: “according to the scriptures” means it was preached before hand in the word of God.

    Other versus reinforcing your Salvation by the Gospel.

    Rom 1:16 (Salvation?!?! who wrote Romans??)
    Rom 2:16 (God will judge by who’s Gospel??)
    1 Cor 1:17; (No baptism, just faith in the Gospel!)
    2 Cor 4:3-4 (Those who don’t understand are??)
    Gal 1: 6-9; (Preach no other Gospel please!!)
    Eph 1:13; (Sealed with the Holy Spirit when???)
    Eph 3:1-7 (How are the Gentiles Heirs??)
    1 Thess 4:14 (There goes that Gospel again!)
    2 Thess 1:6-8 (Scary if you don’t believe!!!)

    EVERY WRITER of these books are Paul aka Saul (Acts 13:9). He’s going through each city, as the Holy Spirit leads him (Acts 13:2), to preach the message of the Gospel because God commissioned Paul in Acts that he would bear Jesus name to the Gentiles (Acts 9:15; 26:14-18). The Gospel or the good news is that Christ is not dead as everyone thought, but His death was accomplished to actually save us from our sins and by Him being raised from the dead, He now lives and we can be confident we will live too because we’re sealed with the Holy Spirit (Rom 8:11; Eph 1:13)….isn’t that GOOD NEWS???

    The difference in Paul’s gospel from Jesus’s gospel was that Jesus’s gospel preached: believe that I am the Son of God (Matt 16:16-17;John 3:16; 6:69; 11:27) repent and prepare for the kingdom of God. Jesus has not died yet, so they couldn’t believe in His death, burial, and resurrection—nor did any of his disciples understand when He told them (Luke 18:31-33). Any follower or disciple of Jesus simply had to only believe who Jesus, repent or turn away from their sins and prepare themselves because the kingdom of God was at hand (Mark 1:14-15).

    Don’t believe the words I tell you, but read and believe God’s word. By just saying I accept Jesus Christ as my personal Lord and Savior is neglecting that Christ died on the cross for you. By believing in the gospel, your now placed in the body of Christ, which Christ is the head and “LORD” over (ROM 14:9). In addition, because of Christ’s Death, burial, and resurrection—God the Father gave Christ all authority, or Lord over all things (Matt28:18; Phil 2:8-11). He is NOW your “SAVIOR” because He died for your sins and saved you from external punishment and death.

    Follow and read the versus’s and let God guide you to victory. Remember to TEST ALL THINGS (INCLUDING MYSELF) and hold on to that which is true (1 John 4:1; 1 Thess 5:21). If these scriptures about salvation are contradicting what you heard before in your church, from your pastor, teacher, or from whomever then that’s your cue to Research..Research..Research..Research by COMPARING SCRIPTURE with SCRIPTURE!!! Let God be true and every man a liar (Rom 3:4). That goes for any person or anyone who teaches you scriptures, hear them with all readiness, but don’t set your heart on it until you search and read the scriptures for yourself (Acts 17:11). Don’t play Russian roulette with your life. Each person is going to be responsible to God in judgment and all excuses will be eliminated including: this person told me this and this person told me that, the preacher told me this and a teacher told me that….You are responsible to God to work out your own salvation (Phil 2:12)!!! We all have the bible to search the scriptures. If you need help, then pray to God for understanding (James 1:5; Prov2:6). It’s His book and His words, who other than to pray to for understanding????? Once you get that understanding, then set your heart on that which is true by believing that… Christ died for your sins, and He was buried, and rose again the 3rd day (1 Cor 15:1-4). Your salvation will be secure and we will meet in heaven and rejoice together for your faith in the Gospel whomever you are!

    See you soon… love you so so very much:)

    P.S. I know I have a lot of scriptural references, but it’s for your own good. Let them be your guide, because I’m just pointing out the truth to you. Get in the scriptures and verify EVERYTHING!

  2. Lord have Mercy!! I tell ppl God is not to be taken lightly, knowing his Word and not living it can cause an early death. People think they can continue to do the things in this world and still make it to the kingdom. "Obedience is better then sacrifice". 🙏🏼 Thanks for your teaching!

  3. In the mighty name of Jesus I overthrow all transaction contrary to my breakthrough, every power jamming answers to my prayers disappear, by the blood of Jesus I shake down the seat of darkness in my heavens, I reject the power of satanic human government over my finances IN THE NAME OF JESUS!

    Those that have used the power of leaves and dust against me, I decree a halt of your government over my life, I turn the table against every sorcerer in the place of my employment, business or work, no witch or wizard will prosper in the place of my employment, business or work, All satanic power can no longer kidnap my spirit IN THE NAME OF JESUS!

    I decree and declare great casualty upon witches and wizards operating in my neighbourhood, the judgment of God shall torment the powers of darkness working against me both at night and in the morning, the night shall carry terror and anger against all satanic powers that are standing against me, I command the storm of destruction to gather upon every satanic power that is against my health IN THE MIGHTY NAME OF JESUS!

    Right now my prayers have become earthquakes and storms in the camp of the devil that is against my life, the Lord shall gather his armors against powers that are against my intellectual growth, all sickness in my life known or unknown receive heavenly storm, all conspiracy against any part of my body receive destruction now IN THE NAME OF JESUS!

    I break out of your spell now satan.

    In the name of JESUS I command the deep wells within me to be unblocked and break forth!

    The storm of the Lord shall pursue and overtake all powers conspiring for my demotion, From now on all my enemies will start to fight themselves I decree confusion into the camp of my enemies IN THE MIGHTY NAME OF JESUS!

    FAVOUR is my name………….the devil has nothing on me! he only has one option, either to be beaten or be beaten he was, he is and he will remain a loser…

    I AM NEVER ALONE… EITHER WE ARE CONTROLLED BY THE HOLY SPIRIT OR CONTROLLED BY DEMONS… right now I pray against any demon working in my life, by the POWER of the Holy ghost I brake every chain that they have used to connect themselves to me!!

    I speak freedom. healing, deliverance and breakthrough In the name of JESUS

    Today, I decree and declare that I are a spell breaker, no curses that run over bloodlines can stand the blood of Jesus, all generational curses are being thrown over a cliff. In Jesus mighty and matchless name,


  4. That’s right… thank God for his mercy… I was a fool for a long time but he saved me at the appointed time. Bless his great name forever!!!!

  5. Why dont you read the bible. Why is the other man reading it are you illiterate?. Plz stop your insanity. YOU ARE NOT AN APOSTLE OF GOD. YOU ARE A DISGRACE. AMEN!!!!


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