Thousands gather to fete South Africa’s new Zulu king

Thousands of people attended the crowning of the new king of South Africa’s largest ethnic group, the Zulu nation.
King Misuzulu took the throne at a ceremony at the palace in Nongoma.
But there has been a controversy in the run-up to the coronation.
Al Jazeera’s @Fahmida Miller reports from Nongoma, South Africa.

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  1. I wish these kings were actually effective . Our king just abused power and had to go to jail , imagine . The Zulu kings haven’t had any significant influence either. I even forgot they exist till a new one comes along every 50 years lol

  2. Why would other Africans support a Kingdom that is very xenophobic to many Africans doing business in KZN & Johannesburg? It just doesn’t make any sense to me. Africans are not decisive on bread & butter issues.

  3. Mansa Musa, Hannibal of Carthage ,ramses the 2 of Egypt, and Shaka king of the Zulus are four of the five greatest figures and rulers of ancient Africa .long live the new king and the Zulu nation forever ♥

  4. I wonder why dose the Zulu kingdom not have its independence. They can make an independent state just like other kingdom’s like monaco andora or san marino it’s still weird that there’s Lesotho and eswatini as kingdom’s and not kwazulu.


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