This Prayer Will Help You Get Abundance, Luck, Prosperity, happiness, and love!

†This Prayer Will Help You Get Abundance, Luck, Prosperity, happiness, and love! †

► This prayer is very useful in strongly attracting prosperity, happiness, love, and abundance into our lives. Do it with a lot of faith and you will be surprised by the results.

A life of abundance in positive things is often what we all desire and often do not have it, so it is important to ask God for the well-being we desire. Prayer for abundance is the best way to express to Our Father the desires we have and the desire for our lives to be filled with good and beneficial things for the people he shares with us.

Perhaps we feel sorry to ask God for something because we believe we can be judged but the reality is that He is always there for us, watching over the best things happen to us. Perhaps we do not know how we should express ourselves to Him so as not to disrespect Him for asking for something, prayer helps you know how to tell Him what you really crave, without feeling any remorse.

Abundance is often very subjective for each person, depending on their needs so we must tell Our Lord what we feel, what we want, and so He can fully understand us, we cannot expect Him to guess what we think or what we have in our hearts. Go to prayer every time you feel you have to tell her something, anything, she’s always going to listen to you carefully.


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Amén. ❤️


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  1. Heavenly father I pray you grant my requests bless me with devine healing, bless me financially so I can pay off my debts, have enough money to purchase property of my own, help my family and people around me all this I ask in Jesus Might Name Amen 🙏

  2. Amen Lord. please stay beside me and my father's family and husband's family forever and always God bless us forever and always God forgives us forever and I have full faith in you God upto infinity forever and I think you so much upto infinity forever and I believe in your miracles in our life forever.

  3. Thank You Heavenly Father and Heavenly Mother for all Your Blessings and Encouraging Prayers and Miracles. I ask for Your forgiveness of My Sins and grant Me Your Divine Blessings in Jesus Almighty Name l Pray Amen 🙏.

  4. Dear heavenly father help me in my financial and get the help I need in my disability and unemployment come to me money come to me to pay my debits I believe and trust you I receive and claim all the triple money come to me all the triple miracle come to me all the triple luck come to me I receive and claim all the triple blessings in Jesus Christ name amen 🙏

  5. Lord I pray to you as you know my needs. I pray that you will answer my prayers for my children and me. Now we are going into a tough time. Lord, everything is
    expensive now. My money now
    is finish very fast Lord. I pray for
    prosperity. Help us pass every month with prosperity. So that we will gave money to pay for bills,
    food and for trandport. I know Lord you will help us in this situation. Thanknyouband praise you.

  6. I recieve this prayer i am now recieving daily new blessings, good fortune, prosperity, miracles, hugw financial overflow, elevation, new good opportunities$$, promotion, victory over every area of my life in Jesus name amen

  7. I hope and pray that I might be a healthy mom and also a beautiful mom as I am always reflected by living in a very high expectative society and world, and my opportunities are so reduced to none other than heavy physical jobs I cannot do for weeks and weeks..
    I pray also that I can be treated with respect and be pretty enough so people don’t try to hurt my feelings every time I go out, to by a snack, wait in line to pay, or anywhere in public..
    Even if I might live in the wrong place, surrounded by evil, and evil people that it will not destroy me…
    Because it seems it’s doing just that!
    That I may have the grace and beauty of all those biblical women, and they were never disrespected or disvalued!
    In the name of our holy father,


  9. Yes i believe in you lord and my heart is life will beforfilled with qll my peayers for me in my life thank you my mother Mary for your peace and grant me with you beloved son Jesus help me qnd hear all my blessings and abundance need to be met with me in Jesus lord name I pray aman aman aman with love for ever aman.

  10. Lord remember me and all of those struggling so much with finances, no matter how much I try Lord I find myself in more stressful situations, I have come to you Lord knowing you will grant my request, I have no where else to go come through for all of us who need you, I end up feeling desperate because of my situation and I don't want to feel like that anymore, protect my family and friends and please provide for all our needs so that we may not stress too much just to put something on the table. Bless the works of my hands Lord I do not wish to beg Lord despite how hard I try Father it hurts me real bad. I have faith in you Lord. Blessed virgin Mary, Mother of perpetual Help intercede for me 🙏


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