The Way Of Escape | Elevation Church | Pastor Steven Furtick

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  1. Y’all please pray for me and my family!? I have quit using drugs and cleaned up my act. But I find myself online gambling, with money I don’t have to lose. And I fear that nothing is changed inside my mind!

  2. Ihave powerful covered the blood of Jesus Christ around here and your ulter covered the blood Head to feet 🐾 and healing power and strength of God Amén Hallelujah 🙏🙏

  3. My husband & l have been going through some (a lot) of this.. adultery, Facebook, lies, hiding things, & keeping secrets.. l realize that temptations today are not any different from those in the Bible..and, all through history. It’s so hard to hear my husband talk about what we should all be doing in the Face of God.. but, he is doing everything that is UNHOLY!
    I am not helping by not speaking up.
    I may need more help with this then my husband who l will do anything to show him how l love him..
    I need help!

  4. A lot of tomb stones are going to say, "I entertained myself to the end" I look to the seniors for wisdom, but their off on another cruise then complaining when they get back that they gain 15 pounds. Nothing wrong with a vacation, but when it becomes a vocation, something is wrong. Perhaps temptation would be less if we simply started each day with "Father, what would you have me to do today."

  5. God gives me the strength to deal with the temptations and to fight the devil and never gives me more than I can handle. May he give others to deal with their temptations. I'm trying to escape cancer and the temptations to deal with the pain.

  6. Enjoyed the sermon.
    I've been struggling not to repeat old bad habits. Who wants to go around the mountain again for 40yrs and get nowhere. I keep telling myself this. Thank you for the encouragement for today

  7. Thank you Lord 🙏 I have been through the valley use me Lord to help bring your children back Home. Thank you Holy spirit for giving this to Pastor Steven for me. Use my life to show others your Miracle in me I pray for your blessings Use like Joseph and Peter and David's journeys like mine to show others your Mighty Power and Grace. Pray for me Pastor and Thanks again for your ministry

  8. Praise God that I so much needed to hear that sermon at the exact time that I came across it tonight, Pastor Steve 🙏 Thank you🙏 I just recently started watching your Channel, and am just very grateful to hear you Preach the Word of God! It's usually always right in tune of when or where I'm at in my life! God Bless You and Yours🙏

  9. I was doing so good then someone just said some hurtful things they felt was helping but really hurt me. Now I'm just asking God to get me back. I feel like I'm drowning I just started this video. I'm praying I get a healing at the end of this video

  10. Thankyou for this word. It resonates deep in me because it's something I experienced recently. I can say it's true praise God. The truth is not always palatable but it's the difference between steak and broccoli. Ones good and the other just tastes good. I've experienced what you are saying here.Thankyou.God bless you and your ministry. In Jesus name Amen

  11. GOD is ALIVE and exert love, Peace and Power. GOD WORD transform the human heart into Glory. Thank you Pastor Steven Furtick for delivering a good and healthy sermon. You did an amazing job. I hope you and your family continue to recieve a powerful life. 🌼🌸🦋

  12. GODS WORD IS SO POWERFUL and precious. Creating life that is secure and healthy and honorable for the human heart. So good to hear the WORD OF GOD. Thank you Pastor Steven Furtick for making the sermon so delicious by expressing your in your preaching. It is evident that you are commited and dedicated to GODS WORD. You did an excellent job. I hope you and you family have a precious and powerful long life. 🐦🐠🐅🌻


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