The Ultimate Prayer For Protection | LISTEN TO THIS EVERYDAY (Very Powerful Prayer)

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  2. Thank you Father God and his son Jesus christ and the Holy spirit glory to God in the highest amen. The blood of the lamb of God Jesus christ cleanse us from all unrighteous and give me a clean heart oh God and renew a right spirit within me. Amen. By the blood of the lamb of God and by the words of our testimony. We are saved. I believe you lord Jesus christ yeshua messiah you are the risen savior christ Jesus our lord and savior amen. Teach us your ways lord Jesus christ send Holy spirit to enlightenment for us that we can do thy will and the knowledge you alone give us in the body of christ Jesus as one, praise the lord Jesus christ for he forgives me and leads me into a better more excellent path, thy will be done on earth as in heaven.

  3. I'm pleading in Jesus christ yeshua messiah name the blood of the lamb of God Jesus christ yeshua messiah over my children and grandchildren and my husband James and myself that no weapons formed against us shall prosper but will fall back on those that sent it upon there own vicious tongues that drop words like stones they have dropped on the children of God but it will go back to the wicked sender and plotters of harm and greed to be the undoing of the vultures that have wounded us ,soon the lord Jesus christ will bring justice for the innocent ones. God sees everything and knows all, so we wait upon you lord Jesus christ patiently we wait knowing you bring justice in your hands, and all though were wounded were not destroyed because you are our keeper of my soul and you protect your children. Thank you lord Jesus christ yeshua messiah great and mighty warrior who saves zephaniah 3,17. Praise the lord Jesus christ yeshua messiah name amen.

  4. I been having problems with the people leaving next door to my mum house who has made threats towards me an said that thay are doing voodoo on me so these prayers help me to over come them when they try to get into my mind I thank you heavenly father I thank you through your son jesus christ our lord my lord I thank you for keep protecting me and my love one I thank you for keeping me safe from all the wicked and evil people that are around me and my love ones I thank you lord for keeping us under your wings in safety I thank you lord for everything that you are doing for us an me I pray an ask heavenly father I ask you through your son jesus christ our lord that you keep on doing everything that you are doing for us an me I thank you heavenly father through your son jesus christ our lord aman.

  5. I applied the blood of jesus over my life…lord now jesus and forever…lord jesus covered me now,now jesus now and I thank you for everything..
    I bind up every lying tongue and set back tomarrow…back…back.. back.. back…back . back…back..back..for this iam assured…no weapon that formed against me shall be able to prosper and every lying tongue in judgment it shall be condemned…return to sender her son..return i bind you up ..never rise. .wounded you..break the jaw for the wicked..rise jesus legion of angels 😇 ✨ 💖..rise up angels and strike them now .never return…I bind you now young…eviltiding…boss lady and her family straight to…now now .…now . Put them under subjection ..raised up a standard now..arise lord and scattered the whole of them and confused…destroy…destroy pharoah and family alll who work under satanic oppression.. upon this rock I built my church and the gates of hell will not prevailed against and it's finished


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