The Ultimate Prayer For Healing That Works | Powerful Healing Prayer Miracle

The Ultimate Prayer For Healing | Powerful Healing Prayer Miracle

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Welcome To The The Ultimate Prayer For Healing That Works – Get Miracle Results Now!

This is simply a video I’ve put together where I would like to pray for anyone within the sound of my voice.

All I ask you to do is to agree with me as I pray and we seek our Heavenly Father.

Please continue to meditate on this prayer for yourself.

Speak it daily or listen to this video over and over again and allow the Word of God concerning this prayer for a good day to reach deep into your spirit.

God is good and He sent His Son so that you may be healed of whatever you are facing. Period.

Below are some Scriptures you should meditate on and think about until they root themselves in your heart.

31 Days To Your Healing Prayer Breakthrough

Read and spend time thinking about each Scripture below, 1 per day. 30-31 days later, depending what month you’re in, you’ll be far closer to God and you simply will not be the same.

Old Testament

1) Exod 15 verse 26

2) Exod 23 verses 25-26

3) Deut 7 verse 15

4) Ps 91 verses 9-10

5) Ps 103 verses 1-5

6) Ps 107 verses 19-20

7) Prov 4 verses 20-23

8) Isa 41 verse 10

9) Isa 53 verses 4-5

10) Isa 55 verses 9-11

11) Isa 58 verses 6-11

12) Jer 30 verse 17

13) Mal 3 verse 6

14) Mal 4 verses 2-3

New Testament

15) Matt 7:7-11

16) Matt 8 verses 16-17

17) Matt 9 verse 35

18) Matt 15 verses 30-31

19) Mark 11 verses 22-24

20) Mark 16 verses 17-18

21) Luke 4 verses 17-19

22) Luke 9 verses 1-2

23) Luke 10 verses 8-9

24) Luke 13 verse 16

25) Acts 4 verses 29-30

26) Acts 5: verses 5-16

27) Acts 10 verse 38

28) Gal 3 verse 13

29) James 5 verses 13-16

30) 1 John 5 verses 14-15

31) 3 John 2

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Miracle Prayer For Healing Of Families, Depression, and Deliverance
Prayer For Healing Relationships, Broken Heart, and Family Tree

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0:00 The Ultimate Prayer For Healing That Works – Powerful Healing Prayer Miracle
0:49 Let us pray this daily healing prayer
5:41 Amen


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    i am performing this prayer on behalf of my gram. she had lung cancer, and beat it twice. even though chemo made her weak, in the long run it helped her. immunotherapy was the next step, instead of destroying all cells (good and bad) in chemo, it was to specifically target the bad cells (cancer). 90% of patients that go through immunotherapy do well with it. she is part of the 10% that didn’t. the immunotherapy destroyed her lungs without her knowing. she is now very sick in the icu. i ask God to perform a miracle. she only has a lung and a half, but she has been the strongest fighter. there are limited options, the conditions got worse so quickly. i pray that her new medicine that they are trying will work. the doctors don’t even know much about it, it’s a mystery. it must be Gods mystery. He is performing a miracle. the inflammation of her lungs will get better. she will not need to go on the ventilator. her condition will get better, and she will gain strength to win this battle. she will have a miracle recovery with the help of God and the support of her loved ones. she will be able to come back home and live for years more to come. the family needs her. thank you God for not abandoning her. Please, in the name of God, let her make a miracle recovery. I have been praying for hours and hours. God, if you are listening, please. If anyone can perform a miracle, it is you. you can do anything, so I ask you to Heal my Gram. AMEN. πŸ™πŸΌ

    If you are seeing this, please pray for her.

    i accept and claim this affirmation for my Gram, from the Lord.


  2. Dearest brother,please pray for permanent healing from pain in the left hip.I had an operation there 2 months ago.I also suffer from extremely severe depression and anxiety.Please keep me in your prayers.God bless u mightilyπŸ™β€

  3. Amen πŸ™ Amen πŸ™ hallelujah this am I'm not feeling well The aging process is very tough at times The Devil is a lie I'm thinking of Job when he was accused of doing something wrong this prayer is truly what I need this am Amen πŸ™ hallelujah hallelujah πŸ™ Amen

  4. Ty God bless you prayen for my back chest neck disc are herated on nerve roots can't walk I fall on cement on chest got heart annyrazams I'm keep believen everyday I claim it I am healed in Jesus mighty healen name Amen ty So much πŸ™

  5. Thank You again ABBA 'Yahweh Rapha' Father and God through Christ Jesus Our wonderful Lord and perfect High Priest for Healing touching this prayer herewith in Agreement with Your word of grace and everlasting blood covenant, thank You precious Savior, Holy Spirit and miracle working Power released over this beautiful prayer. Amen

  6. I receive healing for mental health and my body. I claim clear youthful skin and healed hair follicles and healthy hair growth and thick full hair. I claim energy and healthier eating habits. Amen In Jesus Name.

  7. Love and blessing to you and your family and ministry thanking Yeshuah for you. Please can you pray for me i have multiple health issues and need healing so i can raise my children for Yahweh for His Glory

  8. Pray for me. I suffer with a skin problem on the back of my chest and back which could be folliculitis or body acne. I've tried many things to heal myself and nothing has worked for me. Thank you and in Jesus name, Amen.

  9. Father I come into agreement with my fellow believers for their miacle and that my wife will be healed from the crown of her head to the souls of her feet and she won't need to be admitted in Jesus of Nazareth mighty name Hallelujah thank you Abba Amen

  10. hi all, many thanks for this and all the amazing comments, prayers for LH, urgent, cysts and tumours, mental and physical problems, liver, severe trauma etc, and all parts of him and life, thank you and that God only is in control in Jesus name in every way, God bless you all, prayers for all

  11. Lord, I praying for my healing. Lord, restore the health of my body. Lord, I pray for the healing of my head/brain. Remove this throbbing feeling that I feel everytime I get up from sitting or laying down. Lord, I'm scared but I trust in you. Lord, I tend to flinch when I falling asleep that made me wake up. Lord, please restore the health of my head/brain so that it can function well. I decree and declare that I am healed. I pray this in Jesus name Amen.

  12. Lord Please heal my brother who was in a bad motorcycle wreck. Please Lord heal him physical and financial. Heal his body from head to toe. Bless him financially Lord cause of his injuries, Have mercy on him. I ask in Jesus Name Amen


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