The Truth About How God Works | Steven Furtick

God can use both the good and “the bad” to bless us.

In “The Truth About How God Works,” we’re reminded that God can use every situation for our growth.

This is an excerpt from “The Blessing Of Both” To watch the full message from @Elevation Church, click here:

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Section Titles:
0:00 – God Will Use Your Pain
2:33 – Even The Enemy Serves A Purpose
4:30 – He’ll Bless Both
8:00 – Why You Don’t Have To Be Jealous
9:00 – Never Lost A Battle

Scripture References:
Genesis 48, verses 13-19

The Truth About How God Works | Steven Furtick


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  1. I appreciate this message. I want to make a note, at the end, when they sang, to cut off the video right when the highest point was coming, the praise… it all builds up to this, allow it to be shared? Thank you so much helping God free me in so many ways!

  2. Every broken places, every small things in our life, God never leaved us nor forsake us!! HE WILL NEVER LOST A BATTLE! Just think about how many time He saved you and help you get through with it. The more we remember it the more we realize that God is such an amazing God!!

  3. Yes … I'm grateful for my God I know he is faithful he knows what ive been through he watched me go through it I had to but I was never alone its beautiful really God has been calling me a long time it took me a while but he was waiting with open arms and today he is my constant I will live a life that honors him… 💙💙

  4. I was laying down and the Lord directed me to listen to Elevation ministry. I clicked on was refreshed and relieved that all passes through God. He sees all and knows all. It made me feel secure. Listening to that still voice of Almighty God.

  5. Heavenly Father thank You for trials and tribulations.. You are a Miracle Worker..I have learned a lot in my trials, BUT YOU ARE ALWAYS WITH ME>>>IT IS ONLY A TEST…I trust YOU and I will keep the FAITH.. AMEN…7/1/2022.

  6. We never lost a battle
    I was just wondering and prayed for my friend who was getting married with his loved one ,and also I'm asking God why can't i make it 🤷
    Here goes the word exactly what I needed
    God bless you pastor Steven 🙏🏻

  7. I discovered your channel through The Lord Jesus Christ. He has taken me down a new path, and these videos help me fill my time with something so much better than constant destruction, gossip, and fear. I thank The Lord Jesus Christ for speaking to me through you. His words come alive to me when you speak them, I feel it. Thankyou and God Bless you.


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