The Trouble With Comfort | Steven Furtick

Don’t let your comfort zone compete with God’s calling.

This is an excerpt from “Comfort Food.” To watch the full message from @Elevation Church, click here:

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0:00 – Do You Have Comfort Friends?
2:10 – How God Provides
4:05 – When Miracles Get Monotonous
6:11 – Freedom Feels Different
8:07 – Don’t Go Back To What You Know
10:27 – I’m Completely Disoriented
12:39 – Chains Aren’t Stable

Scripture References:
Numbers 11, verse 6

The Trouble With Comfort | Steven Furtick


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  1. I needed this message so much. Thank you God for allowing this man to share this message. Bless him and his family. May they have your peace and love.

  2. Requesting prayer for my daughter mental health. She has so much Toxic spirit in her. Please keep her in prayer. AMEN AMEN AMEN. What the mind can do.

  3. so true. I love Elevations Pastors, you can feel the anointing and see the love of christ and the burden they have for the lost, hurting and broken people. Thankful for Them they have been such a huge blessing in my life! Love yall

  4. Hi everyone! Please pray for me. I need the Holy Spirit to guide me.

    I have been going to a church with my parents. I am currently in a church that condemns makeup, jewelry, pants, cutting hair in women and more. They don’t allow the Holy Spirit to work and change people but instead, they force people into changing the way they dress by telling them they are in sin for wearing what they prohibit. My Pastor found out that I, a worship member, wear the things he condemns outside of church. I never did it with bad intentions. I only wanted to have the opportunity to sing and in order to sing, I had to dress the way they wanted me to.

    After 6 months of being there, I have been found out. I either have to stay there and face discipline (not sing with the worship team) or leave. The latter is scary for me. I have never chosen a church to go to. I always went wherever my parents went. I am scared and confused. I don’t know what church to go to if I were to leave.

  5. So if God today Friday at 1:20 am…made 660 miles impossible somehow by Saturday, when mom and dad and sis and the kids and Taylorare all at Lexys and Carls if I mwde it and yoy knew my voice, knew my backporch, my …their…richards and steves…elevated daily for years… back porch with all its stories…would there be room for 10 with the 600 miles out of the way…on the house…anywhere…or block party i know nothing but the 14th must be under the bridge at KARM…IM GUESSING…good choice…could i leave better than i came…better than finding im the butt 9f a hitchhiker joke…which is fine if i get that hug…Silas…and not another quesrion but that is why im not at 75 and 484 truck stop with a sign…my first ever…id fly.


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