The Real Meaning of the Cross | Billy Graham Classic

What happened on the cross is a beautiful mystery. Hear Billy Graham explain various aspects of Christ’s death in this 1985 message from Hartford, Connecticut. Watch more #MondayNightClassics weekly at 8 p.m. Eastern.

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  1. Jesus Christ died in my place so I don't have to go to hell I accept it here to him as my personal sake and I'm so grateful what he did for me When people try to work their way to heaven it's like taking Sam or Jesus for a blood it's correct blood it's an insult for them to do works it's my grace what he did for us on the cross.

  2. Many are called but FEW will be chosen""" why did they break the legs of the criminals to either side of the Christ??? since the next day was a double sabbath and it was a sin to leave a body hanging they did this to hasten their death…. Jesus my King was not killed on a cross it was an upright stake or starous with his hands nailed above his head a person would have to push up to breathe … it was so much worse than a cross…. so after their arms became too weak to pull up to get air they pushed on the nail driven through their feet …So it is only logical that breaking their legs would cause them to die….. satan and the doctrines of demons !!!! do you know almost 99% of all so-called Christians ( some 2 billion people !!) bow to that symbol of the cross … That Many could never be the FEW!!!

  3. Es gratificante escuchar un predicador así. Me encanta como centra el mensaje el la cruz. Esto es el evangelio , yo tampoco tendré variantes en mi mensaje hablaré amare y adorare a CRISTO

  4. He was such a great speaker. Personally I'm not even christian, but from time to time I come back to Billy's sermons, because they're just so captivating. And if someone who doesn't even believe in the Bible, althought aspires to live by the teachings of Jesus, can be so astonished by the way Billy spoke… I can't imagine how impactful this is to a true believer.


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