The Prayer of Agreement – 7 Blessings of Covenant Agreement

When two or three are gathered together in His name, mountains move, chains break, and the blessings of heaven comes pouring down. The “7 Blessings of Covenant Agreement” leads us into a deeper understanding of the power of God available to us when we stand in agreement with our brothers and sisters in Christ. Pastor Rod Parsley describes how we can overcome every challenge we will face—together. Check out this message and share it TODAY!

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00:00:00 – Welcome
00:03:37 – Listen to His Words
00:25:23 – VIP Gift / Announcements
00:29:44 – Valor Student Returns / Promo
00:39:08 – The Prayer of Agreement
00:44:04 – Eternal Life
00:45:58 – Washed
00:55:17 – Blameless
00:56:56 – God’s Property
01:03:31 – Peace
01:08:51 – Overcomer
01:13:04 – Tithes/Offering

Pastor Rod Parsley
World Harvest Church
Sumrall Tabernacle
Wednesday, August 17, 2022

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  1. I Thessalonians 2 is excellent reading which exemplifies Paul's leadership and character. Church life and members are detailed in this excerpt as well. Holy spirit is speaking today to those who have an ear to hear. God is speaking to those who want His house His will. His house built upon the foundation of His word will stand. Building any other way will result in trouble. God will use the hand of our government to set His house in order. A little yeast leavens the whole batch.

  2. This message indeed requires soul searching, all of sudden i am not even sure what my desires are!, i saw a secretarial post at one local university sometime in 2018, it was an executive secretarial position, i wanted to have that job, well in my heart, i wanted a job which i will be far from my husband, and the church family, i thought i was really tired of being around everything, my thoughts were full of sinful ideas, so i applied for the job, and in my desperation i asked one pastor to pray for me who had visited our home in search of my husband since he did not find him i asked him to pray for me since i applied, and he did, following that i remember in December 2018 at all night prayer meeting at Bible Society, i asked one elderly woman, two ladies and one brother to pray a prayer of an agreement that i get that job, these other 3 people prayed in agreement of my request and two of them quoted the same scripture of Psalm 37:4 and i was happy to hear that, but this elderly woman wept and she was in deep thoughts i could hear and it was so hard for her to open her mouth to pray for my request but eventually when she did she said these "God allow her to get this job if it is your will for her life, we are praying that your will be done on this issue!" somehow i got angry at that prayer because i knew that God was not going to give me that job, i wasnt delighting in the Lord and my motives were not right! and later when i didnt get that job, and realised how much God loves me, i am here declaring Him as Jehovah Rohi, He is my Shepherd! Glory be to Him! i am forever grateful of every medium He uses to draw me to Him!

  3. Deception yields condemnation which yield coincidence with some that oppose others from other faiths, but God prunes the faithful from known to unknown. Amen

  4. I have been getting attacked physically this past few weeks. It'll the enemy that no weapon formed against me shall prosper. I put all my trust in his hands. Diabetes, COVID, dark spot on thyroid I command you to flee in Jesus name amen…

  5. Thank you Pastor for breaking it all down and standing in the gap for God's children, for the anointing that God has put on your life and thank you for sharing God's word with all of us. God Bless you.

  6. Prayer for my wife’s voice to be restored from vocal cord damage due to a sinus infection 3 1/2 months ago enemies trying to take her voice so she can’t serve the lord but I believe and now she’s healed set free and delivered from any sickness that is keeping her voice silent for she Will not remain silent anymore because God heals he is to great I am

  7. Dear Pastor Rod,
    I am believing and I need you and others to pray with me in agreement with breaking the devil's strongholds , bondages addictions and everything else the devil is attacking my unborn twins father who is on meth , my son Isaac alcohol and drugs. My son Phillip with alcohol and drugs .
    Sean for the ungodly friendship, relationships that are toxic and the alcohol abuse. They all need to come back to God , to send Holy Fire Spirited Anointed people in their path , They need a visitation encounter with your son Jesus Christ.
    Here on the island of Oahu , everyone is using excuses and justifying. Instead of Believing and Praying in Agreement to have these be broken and Standing in Truth. I need Powerful, Power House Believing Believers.
    All these sermons have been encouraging and helping me to Stand stronger than ever to fight for their lives and souls.
    Thank you, for God is really on time in these confirmation through your ministry God Bless You. Amen

  8. N eed prayer for the children thats being bulling and being punched in school. Pray for protection . THAT THEY DNT SUFFER TRYING TO GET AN EDUCATION. Prayers for the children that so wicked to do those things . In Jesus mighty name Amen

  9. Listening to this teaching again! Great revelation knowledge about Who places the desires of your heart in you!📖💛Thank You, my King Jesus!!👐Thank You also, Lord, for the prayer of AGREEMENT!!!🙏👐👏👏👏

  10. Praise Jesus even in times of despair. God will always make away. God is loyal These past years have been difficult on me. But with the Lord’s strength, I have persevered. I have two beautiful boys both are autistic and non verbal. I’m overwhelmed at times. My husband passed away years ago. So I feel all alone. I lost my job over declining the vaccine. LIKE MANY OTHERS! I declined due to my pre existing health conditions lupus and heart disease. I’ve been struggling to provide for myself and my children since losing my job from Forsyth hospital. I’m now waitressing, and I’m thankful, but I’m not making nearly enough to get by. Every month is a battle to not end up on the streets with my two children. I’m constantly in fear of losing my home. To even think about being on the streets with two young children is terrifying. But even as I face homelessness seemingly every month. I have faith, God will provide. HE HAS THIS FAR! With GOD ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE!

  11. Amen. God. So. Good. Prayres are you. God. Bless you. Preaching preaching. Glory hallelujah hallelujah praise lord savior. Ilove. Lord. Savior. So. Much. Beause he frist loved me


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