The Pillow & The Promise | Gates of Change | Pastor Steven Furtick

What if you’ve been missing your purpose because you’ve been looking in the wrong place? Learn how to see God moving right where you are.

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See what God can do through you. This is the vision of Elevation

Church, led by Pastor Steven Furtick and based in Charlotte, NC

with multiple locations throughout the US and Canada.


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  1. GODS WORD restores and bring back to life. Thank you Pastor Steven Furtick for you heart that you dedicate and express in the sermon. The sermon is delicious and healthy. I hope your day is filled with perfection. 💐

  2. GOD WORD SO BEAUTIFUL AND WONDERFUL. TRANSFORMING THE HEART IN PURITY. Thank you Pastor Steven Furtick. I appraciate you commitment to teaching GOD WORD. Your passion and dedication is evident because you express an effective sermon. Filled with love and Honor. Yes all Thee Glory to GOD. I hope you and your family continues to recieve everlasting life in your hearts. 🌺🐦

  3. Love him I watched most of Joel osteen's stuff and decided to take a look at his sermons. Love it!!!!! I stay entertained in learning the word

  4. …when you enter into his rest (pause) don't fight/flight the process turn your triggers into praise and gratitude for what he's already done! Power in rest, grab a pillow! ty Pastor Steven


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