The Person and Work of the Holy Spirit | Billy Graham Classic

Want a fresh start? Learn how the Holy Spirit can transform your life in Billy Graham’s 1978 message from Kansas City, Missouri. Watch more #MondayNightClassics​ weekly at 8 p.m. Eastern.

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  1. Huh, this is no doubt the best explanation of the unforgivable sin I've ever seen. Truly that is the only way we can be beyond salvation, if we "resist the holy spirit" and become "harder and harder" of heart until we with our actions and/or words publically declare the insufficiency of the holy spirit to save (to empower change). If we do this we cannot expect after death to be saved by the blood of Christ for we will not have placed our faith in Him because we will have denied His words that the Spirit is sufficient and that He is God.

    It is true that we deny the sufficiency of the holy spirit with our every sin but the spirit argues with us and it is not until the end of our life that the statement of our soul is carved. There and then at the end of our days our soul will either be marked (God is sufficient) or (God is not sufficient) and that is what will determine our fate. A warning, anyone who thinks they can deny God their whole life and make a quick change at the end, don't fool yourself. God can move to change a soul in an instant but he is not mocked if you're going along planning to bow down someday after you've had your fun God is watching and he argues with you every day but he will not allow you to suddenly change the beliefs you have built up in the depths of your soul at the end of your life just because you say a few "repentant" words. In fact the devil is clever enough you may forget all about God and decide he's not real or buy some other deadly lie before you ever get tired of your evil ways.

  2. Actually water is a profound metaphor. Although it breaks and forms various bonds to enter different states (liquid, vapor, solid) it still retains it's complete formula (H2O) in every state. In the same way God is still fully God in all his various states.

  3. Though the messenger may have passed on through Heavens gate, the message lives on to eternal life to all who say yes to Jesus Christ's call -"…come to Me and I will give you eternal rest…" Matthew 11:28

  4. 자신이 진정으로 죄인인 것을 알고 예수 그리스도께서 나의 죄를 제거하시기 위해서 십자가에서 피 흘려 죽으시고 묻히셨다가 삼 일만에 다시 일어나신 사실을 마음으로 믿고 주 예수 그리스도를 구주로 영접하면 지옥에 가지 않게 됩니다 이것은 하나님의 은혜입니다 이것이 예수 그리스도께서 이 땅에 오신 목적입니다 오늘 예수 그리스도께 나아오십시오 꼭 구원 받으십시오 하나님께서 여러분의 혼을 축복하시기를 기도합니다 또한 하나님께서 킹제임스 흠정역을 축복하시기를 기도합니다 감사드립니다

  5. Abraham, you are incharge of Muslim believers. What do you mean miracle from God in your life? I M Jesus Christ and never met you in mosque there is a reason I can not enter mosque! You know father of Jesus Christ are true living God? What's the meaning Him sending his only begotten son to be the Lord and savior? How much do you know about Jesus of 1st century and Jesus holly spirit? Oh my God don't mess up the story of returning of Jesus Christ!

  6. How can we NOT love any soul, thereby making self better than FATHER GOD ALMIGHTY, who so loved us that HE gave us HIS Only Begotten Son, who gave HIS life? No matter the evil done to us, if we cannot love, FOR REAL, and forgive, even that enemy, we better get the REAL HOLY GHOST, or be prepared for ETERNITY in Hell with its never-ending strife!

  7. HALLELUJAH! GLORY! Thank YOU, FATHER GOD ALMIGHTY, for absolutely nothing is hidden from YOU; and ALL will give account on that great day! So true, especially those who did great wrong and evil to others, thinking they got away! It is written and it is so! Whether we say YES, or whether we say NO! So hold on to Christ JESUS my brothers, my sisters, of EVERY NATION/RACE, and let no one, let no thing, cause us to let HIM go! AMEN! AMEN! AMEN!

  8. Billy Graham is truly a man of God,he can make the word so anyone can understand the true meaning of our Lord and savior,thank God for making it possible to hear the wonderful word of God.

  9. I love this I was born 91 just found about billy Graham in about 2018 just started watching his shorts and now this is my first sermon I love it and I saw him when he was younger so if this is 78 he been doing this a long long time

  10. Its amazing how powerful sin is and how determined demons are to ruin lives and draw people away from God. Its almost like looking the your killer in the eyes and laughing as he shoots you dead. God is going to kill the devil and The Holy Spirit is maintaining spirituality in God in the earth. look how bad the world is now, imagine when The holy Spirit leaves the earth how bad things will be during that time. The Tribulation.

  11. We have to obey God's ten commandments, and keep the Sabbath Day Holy not Sunday day but Sabbath Day on Saturday it's on the seventh day of the week amen amen and amen ❤.  ❤ the Sabbath Day for the people of God, so if you not belong to God then you don't need to keep the Sabbath Day Holy, amen.


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