The Perfect Patience Of God | Priscilla Shirer | Social Dallas

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  1. Tribulations develop patience, so the part of us that needs developing is tried in the fire. If we need patience, he will allow us to sit in those traffic jams of life, put those aggravating people in our paths, and allow us to have trials because in order for us to grow we must be sprinkled with fertilizers of adversity. Thank you, Father, for your patience! Thank you for giving us the patience that is necessary to bring us through the vicissitudes of life!

  2. Woman of God I need you to guide me and counsel me on this calling I have been running away from for so many years. I have reached a point where I can no longer ignore it but I don’t where and how to start

  3. Amen this message is for me .It has reached me here in Botswana and I needed God to give another chance.I think it’s the 10th chance now or more .Thank you woman of God because I thought I was beyond repair and God would not take me back this time. I thank you.Pray for me to have the same faith you have.

  4. Realising its a 7 month old video but it came just at the right time. I thought I have outdone my chances with my dearest God. I love you Jesus. Thank you Holy Spirit for leading me to this message when I was just asking about this a few minutes ago

  5. Listened from Kenya, in a small town called Hola in Tana River. I'm grateful to God to have come across this message. Pricilla is such a blessing. My dream is to become like her.

  6. This sermon found me when I needed it …I have been through hell for the past months but I kept the faith surely I have seen his hand upon my life when I thought I didn’t deserve his mercy…Truely he is faithful


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