The Mentor You Didn’t Ask For | Pastor Steven Furtick | Elevation Church

Some lessons are only learned in the face of adversity.

In “The Mentor You Didn’t Ask For,” Pastor Steven Furtick of Elevation Church reveals that even during the painful seasons of life, God has a plan for you.

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Section Titles:
0:00 – 2 Corinthians 12, verses 6-10
3:15 – The Mentor You Didn’t Ask For
6:30 – You Can’t Customize The People God Gives You
10:00 – God Will Match Your Life Lessons To Your Calling
12:15 – You Don’t Get To Control Your Outcome
14:04 – There’s A Lot of Advice, But Not Much Authority
16:03 – I Didn’t Ask For Your Opinion
20:00 – Paul Did Something Dangerous
21:51 – Show Me The Thorn
24:46 – Ask God To Take It Away (2 Corinthians 12, verse 8)
30:00 – Stop Asking Me For A Dog!
31:48 – Put Your Struggle In Here
36:28 – Why Did God Leave This Struggle In My Life?
38:27 – I Didn’t Ask For This (2 Corinthians 12, verse 7)
40:58 – I Already Have Enough Insecurities
43:38 – The Enemy Gave Me A Gift From God? (2 Corinthians 12, verse 7)
47:50 – Tormented By Your Weakness
50:03 – You’ve Got A New Mentor
51:56 – The Torment Stops Here (2 Corinthians 12, verse 7)
54:36 – God Will Give You The Grace You Need
58:00 – There Is Grace For Your Thorn
1:00:13 – A Prayer For Your Struggle

The Mentor You Didn’t Ask For | Pastor Steven Furtick | Elevation Church


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Comment (0)

  1. I’m just trying to get ready for the day listening to this but man this one is so good. God is good and he’s doing good work through elevation church and honest men and woman of God. Thank you pastor for your long hours of studying to bring us Gods messages.

  2. But why is God allowing thorns in our lives if he’s a loving God? When I am happy, I thrive on helping others but when I get a thorn, I’m not a good person to be around.

  3. The lesson from this is amazing and is something I felt when I survived my 2 strokes a year ago I have been telling people this same message mister furtick God is so good I wasn't supposed to ever walk again after my 2 strokes in on day my wife at the time was told I'd be paralyzed and only move my eyes. I PRAYED and gave my self to him and I walk I talk and am about 30% healed from the strokes you have been amazing to listen to this message today confirming everything iv been trying to tell everyone since I had my strokes ❤️ I have struggled this week with some depression and this has helped God has worked in my life such an amazing mentor/thorn teacher and shepherd

  4. I know according to the release date I’m late on this, but the spirit in me says it was right on time!

    Man! It was without a doubt the BEST message I ever remember hearing. Because it was real! Not fake and 'perfect/churchy' but Real for real people.

    It was also the most hilarious!😂 Because it was all so true, like a very subtle 'up yours' to the fakes and pretenders. If I wasn't shaking my head yes or saying 'Amen!' I was laughing out loud.

    So many key points that really brought me clarity. Clarity about where I've been/what I've been through – and Why. But also clarity of where I currently am and why. The same formula of clarity I can use for the future thorns I may have.

    Mentor/Tormentor being one and the same. And both being placed IN ME!

    It's as though God Himself has either been the director, the actor, the producer or the sender of EVERYTHING we have, are or ever will walk through. He very likely is in every single part.

    That makes it a lot easier for me to deal with things. Not just deal but to do it with a full heart and a smile on my face!!

    I will continually ask Him as Paul did to remove my thorn(s) but when He doesn't I will thank him for the 'Therefore'!

    Don't get me wrong, I have heard a fair amount of sermons from varying preachers. From Catholic priests to varying Christian faiths. Some very serious and somber, some full of the 'wrath type' teachings, and luckily a lot of good mostly real ones who carry the charismatic spirit of Jesus. However, I've never heard a pastor tell it like it really is in such an authentic and unapologetic way. It was so refreshing to find out that existed.

    Thank You and Bless you and your team.

    Mike R ❤️‍🔥

  5. I've been listening to these sermons for a week and they each seem to help me find a little more peace. My marriage is under attack from Satan and I have prayed over my husband every night for a week to heal and take his afflictions and pain. I've asked Him to give me the love, endurance and patience it takes to rebuild. Prayers for families in this day and time are necessary.


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