The Lesson of Samson

This is an important video on the dangers of pride, but how God can take the evil of humanity and use it for good.

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  1. @InspiringPhilosophy Thank you brother for another wonderful video presentation expounding the truth on a book l didn't fully understand. l also am grateful as l have pondered many times why Father has let questionable ministries prosper and grow to only fail and disappear after a period at that people who are seeking could be exposed as an entry point to the truth , some of which l attended. I would like to confirm that if it is Jesus The Christ you have acknowledged and recieved as Lord He will navigate you through the proliferation of false doctrines and corrupt miniteries into The Truth and The Way unto eternal salvation.
    Thank you for another blessing from your ministry l am grateful and may Father and our Lord continue to bless you with inpsiration for further truth to feed our souls with in these deceptive days.
    Love – David

  2. Samson's objective was to kill a large number of phelstines and he would have to get close to them.The first marriage was a test to know how they think and operate.Samson had to make them think that he had no more power and then strike,the power was never in the hair just a gimic allowing himself to be captured and think he had no power.

  3. Sincere question… How do you view your channels name in light of Colossians 2:8? I don't know who runs the channel or anything of that nature… I want to submit for consideration that "philosophy" is what ultimately captured Ravi in the snare of Satan. He rarely quoted scripture and all of his talks were philosophical based on a biblical principle, which is subjective at best (unless backed by scripture)… Just something to consider. I agree with your comments on Samson by the way… but the name of your channel caused pause for me in light of Colossians 2:8… Gnosticism was a problem for the early church. It was an attempt to mix "philosophy" with Christianity, specifically for those in Colossae and the Apostle Paul warns them concerning it. I am curious of your thoughts on this… It also concerns me due to what is taught in "Philosophy" courses in colleges. I fear that that the word my confuse young Christians to think it is ok. What is taught in "Philosophy" classes in most colleges is not biblical at all. Just raising a concern for consideration. Socrates, Plato, Aristotle, Kant, Nietzsche, Marx… all philosophers, none are inspired…

  4. no one should be celebrated in the bible, only God Himself. it's not an honor to be celebrated as a sinful human being. the good you do is by the grace of God. the good you think you do is normally not even good all the way through. It's ur faith in Yeshua that saves you; this life is deeper than what ur American ethics teaches you, deeper than even what this person in the video is saying. Paul made it clear we only see in part, we prophesy in part,… we even philosophize in part. know God for yourself, open up His word and go off alone and pray and believe. these videos can be helpful, but they aren't spiritual food, they are spiritual nutritional supplements.

  5. A beautiful video with a lot of insights and learning from Samson's life. However, the terms heroes and villains are man made and from a human perspective if we look to a man as our hero, there will be mostly disappointments. From a Christian perspective, we should always look at human beings as SERVANTS of God and how faithful they were to God. The statements are quite blunt referring Samson as the villain and discredits a judge anointed by God. As another believer has pointed out below, Samson is listed in the hall of faith and surely has done what is required during the last days of his life. His life serves as lessons of how vulnerable man is but has to be careful and how strong is Gods grace and mercy, fulfillment of his promises despite mans short comings. Samson sure was a servant of God because he had the spirit of God anoint him at special occasions to judge and ultimately he was chosen by God , can anyone deny that ? So, the real question is whether he was a successful and consistent good servant, the answers to which we all have our opinions. As for us children of God, God is the ONLY hero and the villain we all know.

  6. Your analogy of samson in the beginning is wrong, samson was never a villain, in fact he's listed as path of the Heroes of Faith..
    He had his issues, but was never the villain, He broke the general jewish law, which was evident in his lifestyle and then broke is personal consecration..

  7. Well articulated, God bless you brother
    But isn't that exactly why protestanism was given birth to. ….because today there are morebor lese 50k denominations all because of one reason or the other

  8. I am not married and do not even Ave almost any contact with me in m daily life..butmyundwrstaandiv is st a istically MANY MEN engage in sexual abuseand misconduct..beginning with harassment,and objectification,to various degrees of minor to major secusl contact that is unwanted or assualtive..He struck loyal and faithful in terms of emotion and support and objectifying women outside his home.Towards this end..he was fairly typical..notHitler..not Stalin..not Nero ..and not VERY EVIL. You are trying to save the ministry by protesting much

  9. Then why in Hebrews 11 chapter, Samson was considered as man faith… 32. And what more shall I say? I do not have time to tell about Gideon,(BB) Barak,(BC) Samson(BD) and Jephthah,(BE) about David(BF) and Samuel(BG) and the prophets, 33 who through faith conquered kingdoms,(BH) administered justice, and gained what was promised;

  10. I think Ravi was the epitome of a wolf in sheep’s clothing. He was a predator. His charisma and bigger than life presentation of himself was just a wannabe
    ‘poetic philosopher,full of himself. A so called preacher who couldn’t wait to go rape poor young women right after his ‘sermon’ I sincerely hope he was contrite and repentant of his actions before he died. I really do!

  11. We all need accountability. Ravi was all alone and wasn't accountable to anyone on his team. Please guys, find an accountability partner and ask the hard questions on a regular basis. My sister an I are accountability partners together…… the questions are about our thought life. Ravi said that every human is born with the propensity and proclivity to commit any sexual sin. I'm sure that none of us are able to throw that first stone. I will be hanging my head on judgement day….. but Jesus will say, "I have forgiven you, my child."

  12. My friend, what if you are accused of sexual immorality after you are dead? Do you think that the person is being justified? Whether Ravi sexually abuses her or not, you do not know about it! Only GOD knows and so, I would not pass the judgment in the way you have laid out here, for the same judgment will be used for anyone who does to others.


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