The Last sermon of TB Joshua, last appearance before death 😢😢

Click here to watch Powerful 10 mins Hot Prayers by Prophet TB Joshua:

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This is sad on the first glimpse, but upon filled with the hope of fulfilling to calls call, the prophet T.B Joshua’s death will be as a profit.

Philippians 1:21
“For to me to live is Christ, and to die is gain”.

Video credit To Emmanuel TV:


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— Apostle Kwame Adu Media


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  1. 15 This Message says that the Louis Segond, Tob, Martin, Crampon, Thompson, Scofield, Ostervald, Colombe, Semeur, King James, New World Translation bibles and affiliates, including all reviewed and revised versions are fetish pots; and that the so-called Christian bookstores are the image of bookstores of occult, esoteric, mystic and divinatory sciences. And that the radios and TVs of Protestant and evangelical churches such as LMTV and BENIE TV are drains of all kinds of defilement and impurities before God. [Kc.10v20]

  2. For any one who is a christian ask yourself if you will leave a legacy for the generation to come TB joshua is Gone.he left his .he told the church in the whole world the power in the name of jesus .the practical jesus ,the now jesus.elisha ,elijah ,moses ,paul all this servant we read their legacy what of yours,and mine what will the church of the next generation remember you and me for.I no longer mourn this general what he told me i cant mourn i just thank God that he gave us as a prophet in my days.Please let know we can make it through jesus name

  3. People of God. As I'm not taking it light. The Prophet left us in a mood not Happy. Why! We're not faithful to our deeds. One leg in Church,the other,doing things not pleasing to God. When will we stop this habit? Everyone under TBJ influence,pls repent.


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