The Greatest Revival in History | Billy Graham Classic

Do you wish you could escape reality? Get a new perspective on whatever you’re facing in Billy Graham’s 1971 message from Dallas, Texas. Watch more #MondayNightClassics weekly at 8 p.m. Eastern.

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  1. Everyone needs salvation here are the words of salvation please forgive me jesus im a sinner come into my heart and save me from my sin I no that you are the savior and I no that you died for me on calvary and I no that God raise you from the dead and you are alive and I thankyou for your salvation in Jesus holy name amen and its important to always ask for forgiveness every night 🌙 💜💘

  2. This really helps me when I do my Bible reading everybody I listen to Billy Graham and also I listen to Ann graham And that helps me with my warmth which Jesus Christ especially when I make mistakes.

  3. God gave me many chances. I was brought up and Christian background I know what's right and wrong. I turned to drugs and that's all started smoking when I was in junior high in high school. Went to the mormon church Is Fals religion. Is God got to hold of me When I was in my sixties accept Jesus Christ as my personal God reminded me the verse that my mom taught me when I was growing up When you're old you would not turn from it. My mom before she would send me to elementary school she would read me The Bible and all the stories in it . My dad used to witness to me Tell me why do you give all that money to the mormon church . My dad would tell me About the things the mormon church teaches . But food the Holy Spirit God got ahold of me That was couldn't kind of clothes God gave me a wake up call twice A very bad accident on the freeway I rolled my car I could have been killed. Then I was in a very bad accident again I should have been dead My wife And my kids if they were with me they would have died. My wife is from the Philippines . My daughter is 14 years old and she goes to high school . And my twin boys are in junior high and they're 12 years old . The reason I'm saying all this about my kids and my family I mean to my wife but she would not listen But my kids are saved I witnessed do them . It's a challenge since my wife is not a Christian she goes to her Catholic Church And I go to my Christian church I go to a Baptist church. I wish I didn't make all those mistakes because I knew better than that I was brought up and Christian background . I think what caused me to do all those things When you are in public school you learn that stuff . My dad isn't heaven you died 2019. And I know because I have assurance of my salvation when salvation one day not only I'm gonna see Jesus Christ I will see my dad And I will see my grandparents all my dad's family or Christian . When my grandma found out that I was in the mormon church when I visit her And Texas for vacation She turned on the TV to a Christian is chin program I wish I did not disappoint my parents the things I did and going to the mormon church.

  4. Oh my God !!! Spritual sleep is other big mistake, let us listen to this dynamic and full of charisma preaching let us turn our old way of thinking and surrender to jesus open our heart for repent our sin as this great evangelist Billy Graham preaching Amen!!

  5. Amen we are not to choose the wide gate according to Jesus's saying in the gosple of Matthew 7:13 -14 .Amen and Amen !!oh father you are the best teacher , help us to remain under your feet as you said it in Deuteronomy 8:1-3 in jesus mighty name Amen!!!

  6. Jesus said, "I tell you the truth no one will see the kingdom of God unless he is born again. I am the way the truth and the life, no one comes to the Father except through me." For God so loved the world that He give His only Son that whoever believes in Him will not perish but will have eternal life. For God did not send His Son into the world to condemn the world but to save the World through Him. For all have sinned and come short of the Glory of God. For the wages of sin is death but the gift of God is eternal life through Jesus Christ our Lord, and All who call upon the name of the Lord will be saved. " If you want to be sure of Heaven and avoid the other place below say the following prayer sincerely from your heart." Lord Jesus I repent and am sorry for my sins forgive me. I forgive all who have offended me. Come into my heart and save me. I accept you as my Lord and Saviour. Fill me with your Holy Spirit and baptise me with your Holy Spirit. Fulfill your plan and purpose in my life. "I recommend you read John's Gospel especially chapter 3.Gbu.John 3v3v22,John 14v6.

  7. One of my favorite preachers ever. The more I listen to Rev. Billy Graham's sermons the better I hear God's voice to my life. Such a precious thing being able of watching this sermon preached in the 70's when I wasn't even born yet.

  8. Pray for my daughter, she is struggling. Pray for my wife to help her and pray for God to help us, guide us, be our director, we are his agents, l repent of my sins, l accept Jesus as my Lord and personal Savior, l will follow and serve Him. I accept what is written in the Bible as the Word of God. I will serve Him going this day forward. Thank you God for sending your Son to die on the Cross for my sins, so that l may have eternal and everlasting life, l love for you Jesus.

  9. Watching April 1st / 2022 .. Love Billy Graham, and his sermons wish he was still with us, however, he is with the good Lord now … 🙏 .. Today we definitely need someone like Billy Graham to bring people to God before it's to late .. John 3 : 16, 17 ..

  10. Please pray for my daughter and grandkids! Her kids are in foster care right now! We go to court on April 4th! Pray for the judge for wisdom and discernment! That everything happened in darkness to be brought into the light

  11. Thanks Psalm 139&34 praying & praise God for His faithfulness and endless love and mercy and grace and healing Power and Joy and favour and blessings and Anointing and truth and peace. Amen. IJOHN 4&5 Philippians 1&4 IITIMOTHY 1&2&4.


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