The God Nod | Pastor Steven Furtick | Elevation Church

God sees something amazing in you (even when you don’t see it yourself).

In “The God Nod,” Pastor Steven Furtick of Elevation Church warns us not to let the things on the surface keep us from seeing our deeper purpose within.

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See what God can do through you. This is the vision of Elevation Church, led by Pastor Steven Furtick and based in Charlotte, NC with multiple locations throughout the US and Canada.

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Section Titles:
0:00 – Luke 5, verses 1-11
5:35 – God, What Do You See In Me?
6:59 – Sign of a Good Marriage
9:50 – You Don’t Know What Your Yes Means
10:55 – How Men Communicate (Luke 5, verse 3)
14:29 – What Jesus Said Through His Actions (Luke 5, verse 1)
17:45 – God Knows Already
20:10 – Real Faith Is Solid & Fluid
22:43 – God Had Options (Luke 5, verses 2-3)
25:00 – I’m Still Me (Luke 5, verse 3)
26:15 – It’s Already God’s
28:41 – Shut Up, Simon
30:59 – Stop Listening To That Voice
32:35 – You Don’t Know What You’re Made of Yet
34:30 – I’ve Got The Nod From God
36:19 – Jesus Prays For Simon (Luke 22, verse 31-32)
38:48 – Stopping The Flesh From Taking Over
42:06 – Jesus Knows You and Called You Anyways (Luke 5, verse 8)
44:15 – The Fight Between Your Flesh And Your Spirit
45:38 – God Sees You Differently (Luke 5, verse 7)
48:22 – Have You Been Scared Lately? (Luke 5, verse 8)
50:45 – Aware of Your Brokenness (Luke 5, verse 8)
52:22 – Simon Doesn’t Get To Say (Luke 22, verses 32-34)
53:49 – He Knows What’s Within You
56:07 – God Is Still Going To Use You
57:20 – Draw It Out
58:46 – An Invitation For Grace

The God Nod | Pastor Steven Furtick | Elevation Church


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  1. Several years before the COVID quarantine, because of a physical disability, I became a shut-in for a time. It was then that I began taking church services at home and found that I was developing in Christ superhumanly quickly and to depths I never knew existed. Something was happening. My hunger for wisdom about The Great I Am was not being fulfilled due to the stagnation within the church of which I was a member. That is when I made the decision to become a self-proclaimed member of a church led by true messengers of God who 1) meditate in The Lord so that they deliver His message in His Words, 2) conduct Biblical studies and re-studies with fervent prayer to discover not only the perfect words God wants to say, but also the perfect time for Him to say them so that He can reach the people to whom He wants to speak them, 3) never stifles God, and 4) loves Him with everything the messenger is and everything he or she has ever and will ever have. You, Pastor Furtick, are one of three blessed ministers to who I NEVER miss watching and listening to EVERY day, and even more on those days that each of you broadcast more than once a day. I also regularly tune into EIFM Tuesday morning Bible Study and Elevation Worship Band every week. My relationship with Him grows stronger and greater every nanosecond of time because to know Him better means to love Him more. Thank you for being a large part of my journey. Of course, with this increased closeness has come greatly increased praise to Him. I find myself thanking Him for all blessings, especially those I enjoy most. For instance, my favorite worldly thing to do is travel, although the reason I am so very passionate about it is spiritual. I love seeing what God created, and even though we humans have changed it, damaged it, vandalized it, dirtied it, and have destroyed too much of it, God's work still prevails, invincible, sublime and supreme. I also love encountering and getting to know the wonderful people only God could make. Finally, I love experiencing the sights, sounds, flavors, aromas and textures that God has and eternally will produce through people. Another example of my praise to Him comes every evening when I submerse myself into a hot bath. I am so cold-natured, so I think if Heaven feels equally as fabulous as being surrounded by warm, welcoming water (and I know Heaven will be infinitely better), then I will be over-abundantly overjoyed into eternity. It saddens me so that there are people in this world who do not have this luxury. So, I praise him that He blesses me with this, and I pray wholeheartedly that He bestows this great blessing to all. All of this to tell you, Pastor Furtick, that I praise Him for you and Elevation Church every day. But today, I thanked Him specifically for making you so hilariously funny. Your story about the man at the restaurant where you and Pastor Osteen were having dinner made me laugh so much that I was crying, and to tie your "inner Steve" to Peter's inner Simon was so gloriously clever that it had to be from God. Just sayin'. Much love, and God bless! And at the risk of sounding like a high school yearbook message, please don't you ever change.

  2. I’m so glad o found pastor furtick before now I know how to understand God words for me becoming he breaks it down it his words motivates me every day every time I listen even if I hear it before I learn something else every single time.

  3. God, help me today! I’ve been scared of Your blessings lately. I just graduated from college with my Master’s. I was handed a job as an SLP. I literally said, “No, not me, Lord!” God, give me the courage to be blessed. Give the spirit of prosperity. Help me to be grateful that You chose my “boat”! Stay in as long as You want…🤗


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