The Double Life of Ravi Zacharias: 3 Considerations

“The Report of Independent Investigation into Sexual Misconduct of Ravi Zacharias” was released to the public on February 11, 2021. It revealed that Ravi Zacharias led a double life: one as a minister of the gospel, the other being guilty of multiple accounts of sexual misconduct and abuse. In this video, Dr. Mike Licona lays out 3 important points for Christians to keep in mind in light of the disturbing report.

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  1. How could the Bible be true if it says that you will reap what you sow? Ravi didn't reap what he sowed, he completely got away with everything that he did. My friend who committed adultery with the mother of a special needs child and destroyed a family completely got away with what he did.

  2. Ravi Zacharias ' sad and hypocritical life is a reminder to all in ministry. It is possible to be effective and win many, yet in the end, hear the words of our Lord say, "Depart from me, l never knew you. "

  3. In his family life it was, God centered! one of complete love and thoughts of his wife and family, there is not one bit of substantial evidence that the allegations are true, the so called investigation was bias in many ways! those who really knew Ravi and respected him were never questioned or if they were there was nothing to tell so nothing from them was added to the final analysis in the RZIM report, it should have been a police investigation and properly done, not by his Co workers, in his phones of which he had 2 not unusual!! there were no salicious texts from Ravi to anyone surely if there had been any misconduct there would of been something in his texts! but everyone has just decided he is guilty, without a proper trial it makes one wonder! if God has given any of us true discernment we must speak out seems there has been a lot of speculation and manipulation to accuse Ravi who sadly can not speak for himself my conclusion is that God spared him from all of this Ephesians ch 6 first read v 10 then 11 – 20, God will be the final judge of everyone of us!!! To him be Glory honour and praise.

  4. Shocking Evidences convicting Mrs Thompson.

    Ravi account hack. Did the recently investigation made sure someone did not upload the shocking photo to his account? In an attempt to convict an innocent man who is dead?

    Ravi might have done wrong but this is why we need a court hearing cause the evidences below has been censored on youtube. No one is talking about the horrible things Mrs Thompson has done to Ravi. and he deserve a fair Court hearing of what actually took place.

    Ms. Thompson found Ravi daughter, and

    began asking her intrusive questions about, among other things, Ravi daughter was offended and considered Ms Thompson’s behavior and demeanor to be aggressive and disturbing.

    Ms. Thompson repeatedly contacted Ravi. As a result of Ms. Thompson’s repeated messages, Ravi began to consider Ms. Thompson as a friend, in addition to a fan and supporter of RZIM’s mission and his work.

    Ravi frequently receives death threats originating from these countries and, further, his electronic devices and online accounts have been the target of many hacking attempts. Additionally, his mobile phone has been taken and briefly held by local authorities on a few occasions when visiting Islamic


    Over the course of the two years following their initial meeting Mrs Thompson attempted to escalate her relationship with Ravi through repeated and persistent BBM messages, e-mails, by sending gifts through the mail, and by traveling from Canada to Georgia on two occasions, but Ravi did not meet her in person.

    In December 2015 Ms. Thompson obtained Ravi home address under the guise of sending him a Christmas gift.

    On one visit to Georgia, Ms. Thompson unsuccessfully attempted to contact one of Ravi daughters.

    Ms. Thompson attempted to meet Ravi on other occasions as well, but Ravi rejected all of these attempts. For example, Ms. Thompson represented that she was a physiotherapist and/or an ergonomist and volunteered to meet Ravi and treat his back pain.

    Mrs Thompson attempted to coax Ravi into an inappropriate online relationship.

    Ms. Thompson, at all times without Ravi solicitation, gradually introduced inappropriate topics into conversations with Ravi and then eventually introduced sexual topics. For example, she began expressing her love for Ravi, and then began making sexually suggestive statements.

    At first, Ms. Thompson sent photographs of herself with her family and pet, but as time went by, she sent photographs of herself stretching and in very scanty clothing and suggestive positions under the guise that these were exercises that would help Ravi back, and then she began sending

    photographs with less clothing, and ultimately in the nude. Ms. Thompson took these photographs in her office, car, and home.

    In fact, Ravi asked Ms. Thompson to stop sending him inappropriate material.

    Ms. Thompson agreed to stop sending Ravi such material, but then began sending photographs again and told Ravi that she could not help herself.

    When Ravi blocked and/or directed Ms. Thompson’s BBM messages to his spam folder, Ms. Thompson created new BBM identification numbers and continued to send inappropriate photographs and messages. Additionally, on at least two occasions, Ravi rejected Ms. Thompson’s online request for further BBM chats.

    Recognizing that they would be unable to persuade Ravi to engage in any inappropriate behavior, as part of their scheme, Mrs Thompson decided to become confrontational with Ravi to attempt to extract damaging statements that could support her extortion scheme.

    Additionally, Ravi, who was worried about his physical well-being and his reputation being unfairly tarnished, pleaded with Ms. Thompson not to escalate the situation. Ms. Thompson’s tone had moved from affectionate adulation to contemptible accusation based upon groundless accusations.

  5. Update Nathan Zacharias

    I can tell you that so far I have not seen any questionable/concerning photos in both of the phones I have searched. I also have not found any questionable/concerning correspondence or data. This includes the device they supposedly found the most information.

    But what is also of interest is what I did find. The report said Dad had a note in his phone for how to say “a little bit further” in Thai. They (Miller & Martin) presented that information in a way that alleged that his interest in, and use of, the phrase were for illicit/sexual reasons.

  6. How you be Turned off of CHRISTIANITY?
    When MANKIND believes in MEN like themselves,Sinful HUMAN beings IS WHEN THEY FAIL.
    PEOPLE who believe in these MEN who were born in SIN and shaped in INIQUITY.

    Never in front of.
    JESUS CHRIST OUR LORD AND SAVIOUR ,sent them to preach the GOSPEL.
    MEN did not and Cannot send JESUS CHRIST.

  7. We all act like we are perfect! So this man dies and after his death this comes out… He is not here to defend himself and we are condemning this man…. For sin? Isn't that why Jesus died on the cross for us? We are ALL sinners! Every single one of us! But we sit here in judgment of this man. Sin is sin! There is no small sin or big sin, but rather sin! Jesus will judge him and only He knows his heart….. I pray for him and his family…… Think people!


    Lord help me to be honest with You..

    Lord help me to be honest while Praying..

    Lord help me to be honest while reading the Bible..

    Lord help me to be honest while preaching thy words..

    Lord help me to be honest while sharing thy Gospel..

    Lord help me to be honest while giving to you..

    Lord help me to be honest with my wife…

    Lord help me to be honest with my children…

    Lord help me to be honest in ministy….

    Lord help me to be honest with my Church…

    Lord help me to be honest with my Pastor…

    Lord help me to be honest while handling money…

    Lord help me to be honest with seniors…

    Lord help me to be honest in my personal life…

    Lord help me to be honest in my public life….

    This is my humble prayer Oh Lord help me to be honest


  9. Ravi Loved the LORD, he didn't meet the standard of perfection and I am upset that he wasn't as close to perfection as I thought he was, but I'm no were near discusted or broken over it more then his death. GOD BLESS and keep Ravi. Sleep well and to his family, I am sorry for any more hurt and pain on top of your loss.

  10. This news has really affected me.. I haven’t lost my trust in Jesus but it shattered my trust in pastors.. how can you preach you love God and be such a hypocrite? Where is the fear of the lord? Quite scary!!!

  11. Listen it is not that easy what you say practice what you preach but every human being had a test if he had fallen he is human God forgive him if so. I cannot judje life itself a hell in this world God forgive all who judze him . No words to say.

  12. If he was guilty of what he was accused of he may not of been!! haven’t you ever been accused of something you didn’t do haven’t you ever had your good name slandered? It’s happened to most of us at sometime and isn’t it horrible when everyone believes what was said even your so called friends don’t be too quick to believe everything you hear pray about it first because only God knows the truth!

  13. All have sinned and fall short of the glory of God. No one is good Jesus said except God. If Jesus has said that then who can change it. But only His grace is sufficient for a sinner such as Ravi or any sinner.

  14. Thank you. I am glad to have found you channel. I watched a video that was from a year ago. Mike Winger had you on and you discussed if Jesus was a real man or as those who want to say he was a myth. That's how I found you. I also have one son who is 32 and since he was 14 has said he doesn't believe. It is heartbreaking for me. My oldest son used to believe but now at 38 and retiring from the Navy has listened to some so called scholars which have now made him question everything. When it comes to Jesus and the word of God I get to passionate and emotional trying to convince others and end up doing the opposite of what I am trying to do. I have to pray God will send someone into thier lives that will change them and open thier eyes to the truth. Maybe even if they could have a Saul to Paul moment. I could be happy about that. God bless

  15. He has taught us great lesson even in his death. He was a profound teacher, Stay tune to God yes, Bible is true…for all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God, Rom. 3:23. Follow Christ not idol.

  16. I appreciate what this man has said. Not original, but I do see his attempt to put out the fire of the failure of another prominent Chrisitan, to be consistent. I love James 3:1. I am one that has always had a problem with once saved, always saved. No christian has ever adequately explained how that makes any sense unless, of course, even those baptized and proclaimed Jesus as saviour are still doomed to hell if they continue to actively sin…problematic indeed. That would be a more just god. As for Christians following others other than Jesus, well, that has always happened and continues to this day. If the last four years hasn't further revealed this, you have been in denial.

  17. Dear Mike Licona: I really appreciate your insights into the Ravi scandal. I agree – The Lord can work through flawed human beings, despite their shortcomings. And their failings should not negate the validity of the Gospel. Your observations are most excellent! Thanks and God Bless you, brother.

  18. Ravi's case show that apologetics, mixing of Scripture with science and philosophy to please men is not acceptable to God. More to practice the teachings of Jesus Christ rather than just preaching like a world scholar. Does any apologist defend based on scripture only and scripture alone?

  19. We do not have a right to judge a persons sins or faults. Aren't we all saved by grace. Judgement is for the Lord…. every good things is of the Lord not Ravi Zacharias. Its the good things that we do can compensate our evil deeds….continue to do good.

  20. im suprised people fall for this again when some one passes . please make sure you know the facts and a bit like taking the log out of your own eye . i would be suprised if this was true

  21. But God’s firm foundation stands, bearing this seal: “The Lord knows those who are his,” and, “Let everyone who names the name of the Lord depart from iniquity.” 2Timothy 2:19

  22. It's a complete setup to discredit a message knowing a dead guy can't rebuttal the accusations. There's hundreds if not thousands that will stop at absolutely nothing to change this planet for satan himself, those same ones who would not dare to debate with Ravi when he was alive cause they knew they'd loose, so instead they waited till he died and FOOLED millions to discredit him. All that so-called evidence is all made up bullcrap… you people have no clue what's really going on do you? This here is just ONE step to a one world global religion that'll soon take place, and satan will be its god. The luciferians are behind these accusations about Ravi, they plant fake evidence, falsely accuse and lie to get it done. Where's Ravi now that he's being accused? That's right he's dead, and the dead can't speak for themselves… exactly what they wanted.

  23. Phil 3 (AMP)
    ¹⁸ For there are many, of whom I have often told you and now tell you even with tears, who walk (live) as enemies of the cross of Christ (the Anointed One).
    ¹⁹ They are doomed and their fate is eternal misery (perdition); their god is their stomach (their appetites, their sensuality) and they glory in their shame, siding with earthly things and being of their party.

  24. My condolences to Ravi’s family. I learned a lot from Ravi. It’s sad that all this is happening and I’m not a fan of hanging another person’s dirty washing in public, but it is a good thing, because it helps every Christian check themselves, including the dirty washing hangers. I also think that if some Christians or wood be Christians are turned away from Christianity because of this instance, that its also good. Separation of the weat from the tears…

  25. Ravi claimed to have a special relationship with God too. This just proves Christianity doesn't make you a better person in any way. Any changes come from within you, no god needed.

  26. We should not be surprised. Jesus TOLD us this would happen.

    Matthew 7:21-23 "Not everyone who SAYS to me,`Lord, Lord,' will enter the kingdom of heaven, but only he who DOES does the will of my Father who is in heaven. MANY will say to me on that day, `Lord, Lord, did we not prophesy in your name, and in your name drive out demons and perform many miracles?' 23 Then I will tell them plainly, `I never knew you. Away from me, you evildoers!'

    It always concerned me that his ministry was named after HIMSELF. But I didn't think it was THIS bad. Jesus is STILL Lord.

  27. Psalm 139 applies to each one of us. Every one has come short of God's Glory. It's a great lesson to every one who accepted Jesus as Our personal Savior. The Bible says that in the last days mighty people of God would drift away from their faith. Its time to examine ourself whether we are standing on a slippery ground or on the Rock of Ages.
    Watch and Pray.🙏

  28. Ravi was in the frontline, false gods and the spirit of antichrist will attack him in every areas, for he was pulling out people from the hell bound doctrines and religions, so instead of judging Ravi Z please beware of the honey traps set up by enemies , evil spirits, and the bribes offered to willing women to accuse a Christian preacher of sexual misconduct, often we are fighting the arabian god of sex and fertiliity ! So curses, sicknesses, witchcraft, jinns and evil spirits send against the christian brother, we had few ppl physically attacked by devil are Nabeel Qureshi, Jimmy Swaggart, Reinhard Bonnke , hundreds of frontline soldiers get affected physical sicknesses to backsliding spirits. Pray for all those who stand up in the front line for christ. They fight witches, viccans, gays, lesbians, terrorists, islamists, hindu , buddist, drug addicts, prostitutes etc… all those demons controlling them are not happy, and the people themselves try to harm then front line workers.
    Touch their pictures and thank God for them and cover them in the blood of jesus, no matter how big they are they are vulnerable.

  29. This episode is merely a symptom of the fundamentally unsafe, unsound and unbiblical nature of the American "evangelical-industrial complex" (as it has been described recently), which has turrned religion into a money-making business. Celebrity preachers like Mr Zacharias run their own organisations outside the safeguarding structures of the institutional church and are accountable only to a hand-picked board of devotees, often including family members. No doubt they are far better paid and make far more money than clergy within the institutional church. More of this is inevitable with celebrity preachers who operate this way.

  30. People who turn away from Christianity because of Christians were never saved to begin with because they're supposed to believe in and fashion their lives, behaviour and character after Christ Jesus NOT other Christians!


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