Prepare to witness a supernatural encounter between a young lady deeply involved in a secret society and Prophet TB Joshua – as a ‘dragon’ spirit attempts to attack him after being exposed by prayer but is forced to bow to the superior power in the name of Jesus Christ!

Marietjie came to The SCOAN from South Africa entangled in a covenant with darkness, which led to her being “out of control”, engaging in demonic and destructive activities. This clip from The SCOAN Archives in 2005 clearly shows the battle between light and darkness – and the importance of deliverance in Jesus’ name!

“One thing is clear – demons know they must submit to the superior authority in the name of Jesus Christ!” – TB Joshua

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  1. YES Prophetess Tb JOSHUA still alive. Thank you king jeUs to continued to faith for us eving He pass on. Please wise man pray for my son Michael andrew and set him free for depression and loss memory in jesus christ.

  2. He died on cancer!sadly he cannot heald his own self…but he is doing a lot of miracle through healing..what a false prophet!!!!!don't be deceive people..they are using God's name to scam people in order to live in a luxurious lifestyle!!!they live in a full of worldy says if you love the world and all things in this world then the father is not in you.❤

  3. I will say it again. I discovered this man personally just recently and the more I watch his videos the more I love him. I don't know what allegations were levelled against him. But I know that u can't fake this anointing. Neither do I see or sense darkness in his works

  4. Blessed Night, my old Taxation Hearing in National Court in Papua New Guinea 🇵🇬 is Friday 10th June 2022, Prayer & Devoution & Meditation & Fellowship is in God's Favour turning tide in our Favour, & Judge Dowa is a Pastor & Great Man of God dealing with the Matter, the other Matter set & await Ruling & Decision let's all hold hands & walk in Faith & Holy Spirit will visit Judge Dowa to fast track for Deliverance in Month of June in Jesus Mighty Name 🙏🏻.

  5. How dare you to title a man touching the dragon Yahweh only we the vessels messiah's of the Lord God of hosts can touch thy dragon Yahweh entering it if asked by the Lord God Vengeance is not of the Messiah Lord but of the living Lord God of hosts

  6. There's only one spirit the spirit of the living Lord God hosts within ….. your teaching of the seven times seven has no power even if you try backing it by a fake holy Spirit and holy ghost that you speak of with your own heart I mind you the living Lord God cleans the house of the devil/human it's mercy of Grace

  7. It is written only the Lord God can separate the good vessels from the wicked understand what wicked means wicked is not sin but it's serving other gods turning your back on the living Lord God within to idle and serve other gods it is also written that some teeth and crying will be consumed by the fire in the separation

  8. There's no man without the Lord God of hosts that can remove anything stop feeling the devil's head with Wales salvation is within every vessel it's of the grace of the Lord like Mercy there's also truth and the light receiving both of those you are crowned and anointed and everybody has that ability it's a narrow path cannot be found in the synagogue

  9. That the holy Bible of America copied from the Ethiopian Bible is almost missing half of it on top of it it's modified .the original scribes that Matthew wrote are three times descriptions/instructions about all of the called/temple around the world in a scroll then the Bible's had. even then the Ethiopian Bible warned the teaching of it would cause a genocide and separation of the people just like the holy Bible says your God/Elohim God of Israel/a ghost/memory in the Bible but it's words of the Lord Spirit of the living Lord God . Don't you know Elohim even served the living Lord God wicked and all the sight through his eyes was of the Lord/witness the spirit that was in him until yeshua/Joshua came and removed the investment of the Lord and placed in pigs to die


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